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Dedicated to

Deity Posture

Architecture Style


Kannadiga kings.

Completed on

8th century A.D

About Pataleshwar Temple, Pune , Maharashta

Pataleshwar Temple is located in Hajipur and is one of the most celebrated places in this city. This Hindu temple is the ancient Shiva pilgrimage site. It is dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva and every Monday, Devotees come from nearby places to get blessings. This sacred place is placed in the heart of Bihar on Jadhua road. Bhagwan Shiva is present here inside the temple place in the form of Lingam. This is one of the eminent places to worship Bhagwan Shiva in his lingam avatar. MahaShivratri festival is observed on the 6th night of the dark Phalgun- Feb or March each year. Devotees observe fast on this night and do not consume anything till night and offer fruits, flowers plus Bel leaves on Shiva Linga. The Festival- Mahashivaratri marks the night when Bhagwan Shiva performed the ‘Tandava’. People believe that on this day Bhagwan Shiva was married to Parvati Maa. Devotees visit this temple particularly on some auspicious events to seek fulfillment of the following- Salvation; Wealth and Happiness.


Legend and History

The Pataleshwar Temple has an intriguing origin – King Siddharaj Solanki of the Solanki period was born at this spot. In celebration, Maharani Minaldevi directed that a well should be dug at the spot for thirsty commuters. While digging the well, a Shiva Linga was unburied, and therefore, the Pataleshwar temple was later developed in the shape of a well.

It was aptly christened Pataleshwar, which means ‘Bhagwan under the ground’; The actual temple built in the 8th century AD lies 40 feet below the ground, while the new structure on top has only been recently added. On many original stones utilized to build the temple, engravings showing distinct symbols of snakes (who adorn Bhagwan Shiva’s neck) are found.


Puja and Festivals

The presiding divinity of the temple is ‘Bhagwan Shiva’. Shivratri is celebrated with full enthusiasm and passion. It is a Hindu festival celebrated every year in reverence of Bhagwan Shiva. It is also acknowledged as padmarajarathri. Shivaratri symbolizes the great night of Shiva or the night of Shiva. It rejoices every year on the 13th night/14th day of the Maagha or Phalguna month of the Hindu calendar. Since multiple different calendars are followed by several ethnolinguistic groups of India, the month and the Tithi name are not uniform all across India. Observed in the dark fortnight or Krishna Paksha(waning moon) of the month of Maagha according to the Shalivahana or Gujarati Vikrama or Phalguna according to the Vikrama era.


Architecture of Pataleshwar Temple, Pune , Maharashta

The first stone temple of the self-manifested Shiva lingam was built in approximately 8th century AD, which is still laid 40 feet beneath the ground. The present edifice is built in the modernized architecture upon it. Many stones of the ancient temple have been reused in decorating the present temple as all those stones showcase the century-old snake sculptures.

How to reach Pataleshwar Temple, Pune , Maharashta?

By Train: The nearest railway station is the Danapur Junction at a distance of 27 km from the temple.
By Air: The airport which is nearest to the temple is – Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport at a distance of 26 km from the temple.

Pataleshwar Temple, Pune , Maharashta Timings

06:00 am to 07:00 PM (Monday to Sunday)

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