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Mundeshwari Dham Road, Bhabua, Bihar 821103
Dedicated to
Shakti, Shiva

Deity Posture

Architecture Style


Rulers of Naga dynasty

Completed on

Around 3rd-4th century A.D

About Mundeshwari Bhavani temple, Bihar


This temple is situated on the top of Piwara hill, with an altitude of about 600 feet. It is an octagonal temple made of stone. In the Eastward section of this temple, the magnificent and ancient idol of the goddess Mundeshwari is the center of main appeal. The mother is in the form of Vaarahi, whose carrier is Mahish. There are four ways to the temple, out of which one has been closed and one-half open. Panchmukhi Shivaling is installed in the middle part of this temple. This Panchmukhi Shivling has been constructed with a special stone that switches its color along with the position of the sun and stone.  The statue of Vishal Nandi is on the western side of the main entry.

 Legend and History

According to archaeologists English explorers R. N. Martin, Francis Buchanan, and Block who toured this temple between 1812 and 1904, the engravings made on this temple are of the middle of 389 AD symbolizing its ancestry. The stone carvings of the Mundeshwari Bhavani temple are from the Gupta period.

Mundeshwari Bhawani is essentially popular as a pivot point of religious reverence for centenaries and drawing hermits, accomplishers as well as occult practitioners with its inexplicable incantation powers since the pre-historic age.


The bloodless sacrifice offered here is also an amazing aspect of prayer. The goats brought here for sacrifice after fulfillment of manautis (wishes) fall motionless amidst chanting of mantras and showering of flowers and sacred rice by the Purohit. They reacquire consciousness as soon as the Purohit reiterates the process and the sacrifice is completed thereby. This unique sacrifice adds to the sacredness surrounding divinity. Another interesting feature is the four-faced shivlingam. It has been constructed of a stone that changes color with the shift in the direction of the Sun from dawn to dusk. Some travelers and devotees wait here all day to witness these miracles.

Architecture of Mundeshwari Bhavani temple, Bihar

The temple which is the earliest example of the nagara style of temple architecture has been reported as the oldest Hindu temple of the country by scholars in a national workshop organized by Bihar State Religious Trust Board at Patna in the year 2008.

The sculptures' decorative figures, carvings, and fragments dispersed around hillock are a classic illustration of Gupta style and show that the place was earlier a cultural center of great significance and magnitude.

The temple is unique with its octagonal plan, bold workmanship, and delicate carvings. There is some fine latticed stonework on the northern window and the temple door fronting the entrance is a fine example of architecture with various figures of dancers and musicians.

The chaitya frameworks, kirtimukhas, and lotus medallions, etc show the obvious impact of the nagara style. The full-size idol of goddess Mundeshwari, situated in the eastern sub-chamber of the temple, has a great impression on devotees.

Several statues and rock-carved figures on the eastern slope of the hill reveal that the place was once the site of a cluster of temples and educational institutions and Mundeshwari Bhawani temple was the main shrine.

How to reach Mundeshwari Bhavani temple, Bihar?

By Train: Mohania station which is commonly known as Bhabua Road located in the Mughalsarai region is the only major railway junction of the district.
By Air: Kaimur has no independent airport and anyone who wants to access the city by air will have to connect through Varanasi Airport, which is the nearest airport. Varanasi is 60 km from Kaimur.
Others: Kaimur is 200kms from Patna and 100kms from Varanasi. Kaimur is connected with the capital Patna by the national highway 30.

Mundeshwari Bhavani temple, Bihar Timings

5:00 am to 06:30 pm (Monday - Sunday)

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