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About Shri Manimahesh Lake yatra

Shri Manimahesh Lake yatra is located in Bharmour District Chamba, at a distance of 26 km which is in Budhil Valley in Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at a height of 13390 feet approx. People worship this lake as Lake Manasarovar in Tibet. As Mani is considered as Jewel and Mahesh stands for Prabhu, is believed to be Crown of Prabhu Shiva, The yatra starts in August or after Janmashtami and September or Ends of Radha Ashtami.
Every year there is a festival in the month of Bhadon. During this month the shadow of Half-moon is seen in the Lake. To witness this day thousand of pilgrims gather at Manimahesh Lake. It is believed that Prabhu Shiv Created this Lake after their marriage with Mata Parvati and she is worshipped as Mata Girija at Manimahesh Lake.

Legend and History
Manimahesh Lake is considered as Manasorvar Lake in Tibet which is near Mount Kailash. Devotees also believe it to be the abode of Prabhu shiva. This Lake is believed to be made by Prabhu Shiva after their marriage with Mata Parvati. Prabhu Shiva was doing penance here then suddenly water gushed up from Hair which leads to forming them Lake. There are also 2 kunds near Manimahesh Lake which Called Shiv Karotri and Gauri Kund. Devotees believe that Prabhu used to take bath in Shiv Kund due to which it has Ice Coldwater and Gauri Kund has Luke Warm Water. People could see Prabhu Shiva figure formation on Mountains nearby the mountains of
Manimahesh. No one has been able to climb up the Manimahesh Peak as it is believed that whosoever has tried to climb the peak turns into a stone. Devotees believe that once the person tried to climb up the mountain with his sheep turned up into a stone. Manimahesh is also believed to be the abode of Prabhu Brahma and Prabhu Vishnu also.
During the time of penance people around the Gaddi, valley adopted Prabhu Shiva as their Deity. Prabhu Shiva gave them Chuhali Topi, which they wear along with their dress which includes Chola and Dora. On the way to Manimahesh devotees witness, a waterfall near Dhancho which can be seen from the Lake and is considered to be the heaven of Prabhu Vishnu.
Religious Significance
As it is stated above that Prabhu shiva Created the lake of Manimahesh after the marriage with Mata Parvati, People come to have Darshan of Prabhu and Mata, as it is considered to be the abode of Prabhu.

Architecture of Shri Manimahesh Lake yatra

At Corner of Lake Marble Idol of Prabhu Shiva called Chaumukha is worshipped. There is a small temple of Lakshmi Devi near to it.  A Huge Trishul was installed by
Board a few years back.

How to reach Shri Manimahesh Lake yatra?

By Train: The nearest Railway station is Pathankot Cantt from where you can get taxis directly to Bharmour which is a distance of 180 km.
By Air:  The nearest airport is Pathankot which is connected with all major cities around India. You can hire taxis from there.
Others: From Delhi to Bharmour which is approx. at a distance of 670 km which could take a time of 15 to 17 hrs depending upon the driving conditions. From Pathankot, it is approx. 180 km. You have to reach Bharmour from there you can have Taxis to reach a point from where you have to trek 13 km.

Shri Manimahesh Lake yatra Timings

Manimahesh Yatra is open for only 1 month only. People take a bath in the holy Lake and have the blessings of Mount Manimahesh.

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