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About Shiv Bari Temple, Himachal Pradesh

Shri Shiv Bari Temple is a lesser-known temple by Devotees which has had religious importance since Mahabharat Times. Guru Drona Acharya built this temple for his daughter as she was a devotee of Prabhu Shiva. The place used to have dense forest and is believed to be called as DronaNagri. Even it is believed Guru gave lessons to Kauravas and Pandavas at Shivbari. It is located in Gagret city which comes on the way to Mata
Chintapurni in Himachal Pardesh.

Legend and History
Shivbari is believed to be more than 5000 years old and believed to be from Mahabharat times. Guru Drona Acharya has built this place for her daughter for worshipping Prabhu Shiva. And Prabhu is worshipped here in form of Pindi Roop. The idols of various gods are found here like Prabhu Ganesha, Prabhu Kartikeya Prabhu Kuber, and the Jalhari is also believed to be from that period only. The forest nearby the temple is very dense and the Wood of these trees can be used for cooking the Bhandara or Cremation purpose only. If it is avoided by anyone he would be punished by Prabhu himself. We can find a lot of pindis nearby the main temple. As they are built up Sadhus and Saints, when their wish, is granted by Prabhu. When we reach the temple water of jalhari is sprinkled upon devotees by Pandits which is the main parshad.

Religious Significance
As it is from Mahabharat times with almost 5000 years of history. People believe Prabhu Shiva has given darshan to many devotees. There are samadhis of some sages like Guru Baldev Giri Ji, Guru Tameshwar Ji, and Guru Ganga Giri Ji.

Architecture of Shiv Bari Temple, Himachal Pradesh

Temple architecture is the same as the North Indian style.

How to reach Shiv Bari Temple, Himachal Pradesh?

By Train: The nearest Railway station is Hoshiarpur.
By Air: The nearest Airport is Jalandhar which is connected with New Delhi and some of the major cities. One can also travel from Chandigarh.
Others: From Hoshiarpur, it is 26 km and one can easily reach there.

Shiv Bari Temple, Himachal Pradesh Timings

Rudranath Temple Opens just like Other Panch Kedar except for Kalpeshwar Mahadev.
Temple Premises are open from May to Oct or From Akshay Tritya to Diwali. Temple is open from 6 AM to 9 PM daily.

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