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Maharani Ishwara

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Restored in 12 th or 13 th Century

About Lakha Mandal Shiva Temple, Agartala, Tripura

Shri LakhaMandal Temple is dedicated to Prabhu Shiva built between 12 th and 13 th century. Exact date is not known. Shri Lakhamandal temple is located in Garhwal regionof Uttrakhand on Mussoorie Yamnotri road which comes after Kempty Falls. Devotees believe that by having darshan of Prabhu in this there misfortunes come to an end. This temples is also famous for Shakti Cult. It is also believed that these temple is from Mahabharat Times. Some of inscription in temple date back from 6 th century. Which gives it more historical importance. It is
confirmed by ASI.

Legend and History

Lakhamandal temple is dedicated to Prabhu Shiva. The Shivalinga installed here is made of Graphite, which shine a lot when you water on it. This Shivalinga is installed in open area of temple premises. Some believe that this is place where Duryodhan tried to kill Pandavas by making them stay at Laksha Griha which was made of Wax. But pandavas excaped from it through the tunnel made below the House. The tunnel which was made to escape can be seen 2 kms from Lakha Mandal Temple. Locals people call this cave as Dhundhi Odaari which means Misty Cave.
According to inscriptions installed in temple it is believed that this temple is built by Maharani Ishwara of Singhpura in memory of Chandragupta which takes its history way back to 6 th Century. Which was later Rebuilt in 12 th or 13 th century. There are Two Statues installed in Temple premises which some believe that they are Pandavas Arjuna and Bheema. Some say they are Jai and Vijay the Door Keepers of Prabhu Vishnu which we can see in many Vishnu Temples around Bharat.

Religious Significance
As this is Shiva temple people believe that by visiting this temple all misfortunes come to end. This temples Dates back from Mahabharat times and to built in 6 th century. Shivalinga installed here is made of Graphite stone which shine and reflects its surroundings when someone pour water for worshipping the Prabhu.

Architecture of Lakha Mandal Shiva Temple, Agartala, Tripura

Lakha Mandal temple is made in North Indian Style Nagara Style. The Inscriptions installed here takes its history way back to 6 th Century but was Rebuilt in 12 th or 13 th Century.

How to reach Lakha Mandal Shiva Temple, Agartala, Tripura?

By Train:  Nearest Railway station is Dehardun from where you can taxis.
By Air:  Nearest Airport is Dehradun which is connected with all major cities of India. You can hire taxis from there.
Others: Roadways:  From Dehradun it is 119 kms approx. which can take upto 3 to 4 hours. From Mussoorie it is 75 Kms which take approx. 2.5 hours.

Lakha Mandal Shiva Temple, Agartala, Tripura Timings

6 am to 7 pm (Open all days)

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