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About Tapkeshwar Mandir, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Tapkeshwar Cave temple is also known as Drona Cave. It is believed that Guru Drona Acharya used to stay in this cave. His son Ashwatthama took birth in this cave. This cave is inDehradun City of Uttarakhand. It is just 6 kms from Bus Stand of Dehradun. Mostly people visit while traveling to Hill Station Mussoorie. Tapkeshwar temple got its name because of Water which on dropping on Shivalingain the cave. It is situated near the bank of river Asan of Dehradun. By worshipping in this cave devotees believe that there all wishes would come true. This cave is located between two hills, main temple premises is in cave which is naturally formed and has history of thousands of years.

Legend and History

Tapkeshwar Cave temple or Drona Cave has history from Mahabharat time as it is believed that Guru Drona Acharya used to live here, and his son Ashwatthama took birth in this cave. After the birth his mother Kalyani could not feed him properly. Ashwatthama worshipped Prabhu Shiva to get him rid of hunger, as Guru Drona Acharya could not afford milk of cow at that time. Prabhu Shiva known for his humbleness granted him wish and milk started to pour from roof of cave in droplet form. Which later took formation of Shivalinga. Due to this cave got its name as TapkeshwarMahadev. And devotees believe by worshipping in this cave all wishes are granted by Prabhu Shiva. A huge festival is organised by people during Shivaratri time. And people had to wait for hours to get darshan of Prabhu and pour water on Shivalinga. ShivaRatri is the day when Mata Parvati and Prabhu Shiv tied the knot.

Religious Significance

By pouring water on Shivalinga and having darshan of itDevotees believe that there wishes will be granted by PrabhuBholenath. Ashwatthamason of Drona Acharya wish was also granted by Prabhu Shiva in this cave only which give more religious importance.

Architecture of Tapkeshwar Mandir, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Tapkeshwar Cave temple is natural cave where Guru Drona Acharya use to stay. Main attraction of this temple is Shivalingais drenched with water droplets falling from it throughout the day.

How to reach Tapkeshwar Mandir, Dehradun, Uttarakhand?

By Train: The nearest Railway station is Dehradun from where one can take taxis.
By Air: Nearest Airport is Dehradun which is connected with all major cities around India. You can hire taxis from there.
By Bus: From Dehradun it is 6kms approx. You can hire taxis from there or Travel through bus.

Tapkeshwar Mandir, Dehradun, Uttarakhand Timings

4 am to 10:30 pm

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