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About Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Agartala, Tripura

Lakshmi Narayan mandir bari is one of the very famous temples of India. it is placed at Agartala, Tripura near the ujjaynta palace which is also very famous. it is counted in the most divine tourist stops in Tripura.

History and legend:

It is considered that King Birendra Kishore Manikya who was the King of Tripura built Lakshmi Narayan Temple from 1909 through 1923. This Temple is situated in the Ujjayanta Palace Grounds.

Approximately 45 years back, Krishnananda Sevayat of the Temple had devoted the idol of Bhagwaan Krishna.

As per the Hindu belief, Bhagwaan Krishna has an imminent connection with the Tamal tree, which is also stated in Srimad Bhagavata.

Therefore, the Sevayat also planted Tamal Tree inside the Temple axioms around 35 years ago.


Sri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated amidst glory in the Temple campus. The celebration area further covers the Palace grounds. Believers from several parts of the state and also from other divisions visit this Temple to propose their devotions to Bhagwaan Krishna.

Architecture of Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Agartala, Tripura

the architecture of the Lakshmi Narayan temple is also renowned, the formation is painted with glowing orange structured tips, and its pillars are decorated with chakras and pyramidal triangular forms. This temple affords convenience for devotees arriving from the other states in its premises.

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