D-33/66, 67, Khalispura (near Dasaswamedh), Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
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About Brahmeshwar Temple

Many ancient Shiva Temples could be witnessed in Kashi. one of them is the Brahmeshwar Temple. The importance of this Temple is mentioned in Kashi Khand.


When Lord Shiva sent Lord Brahma to Kashi, he went to King Divodas and requested that Aswa Medha Yagya be performed (Horse Sacrifice Ritual). King Divodas agreed to supply the required materials for carrying out the aforementioned rite. (Please consult Divodaseshwar for further information.) King Divodas assisted Lord Brahma in performing not one but 10 Aswa Medha Yagnas.

Dasaswamedh Teerth is the name of the location where he conducted these Yagnas (now known as Dasaswamedh Ghat). The location was formerly known as Rudra Sarovar. Lord Brahma then decided to reside in Kashi and built a Ling named Dasaswamedheshwar. King Divodas had no shortcomings, and Lord Brahma had nothing negative to say about him to Lord Shiva.

As a result, Lord Brahma continued to worship Lord Vishweshwara while also erecting and moving into a new Ling named Brahmeshwar. Lord Brahma was certain that Lord Shiva would not be displeased with him since he worshipped the Brahmeshwar Ling, which served as a symbol of Vishweshwar. The blessings of Lord Brahma and a position in Brahma Lok are given to a devotee who worships Brahmeshwar Ling.

Architecture of Brahmeshwar Temple

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How to reach Brahmeshwar Temple?

By Train: Trains are always a better option. these days Varanasi junction is keeping the way all good. Brahmeshwar temple is just few km away from Varanasi junction.
By Air: Book your tickets to the Gorakhpur airport, which is few km away from the temple. as Varanasi airport is well connected to other city Airports.
By Bus: One can travel directly to the temple. various local and private bus services are available for visiting Varanasi.

Brahmeshwar Temple Timings

Visiting Time

06.00AM to 01.30PM and 04.00PM to 11.00PM

Brahmeshwar Temple Images

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