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About Dhruveshwar Temple

Kashi was home to several historic Shiva temples. The Dhruveshwar Temple is one among them. Kashi Khand mentions the significance of this Temple.


A former King named Uttanapad who had two wives named Suruchi and Suniti formerly governed a little kingdom. Uttam was the son of Suruchi, while Dhruv was the son of Suniti. Uttam once came up fully clothed and sat on his father, the King, who was seated in the royal Darbar. Dhruv also tried to sit on the King’s knee, but Suruchi physically stopped him and reprimanded him in an insulting manner. The King took no action, and Dhruv left for his home feeling extremely sad.

Suniti, Dhruv’s mother, noticed tears in her son’s eyes and quickly learned what was going on in the Darbar. While both Suniti and Suruchi were the wives of the King, Dhruv wanted to know from his mother why he was being treated unfairly, mistreated, and assumed to be less than his stepbrother Uttam. Suniti told Dhruv with total shock that Suruchi must have done all good deeds in her past existence.

All people should practice good deeds such as philanthropy, showing respect to elders, conducting proper studies, treating visitors with courtesy, worshipping God, listening to and reading various Purans, and acting appropriately around friends and those who are superior to their parents, among other things.

The future birth of those who perform such excellent things is fortunate. The honorable positions and luxuries they enjoy in this life are unquestionably the outcome of good acts committed in a past life. Suruchi was the main queen, according to Suniti, and all the other queens were subordinate to her.

She must thus be given top attention in all areas above other queens. Dhruv asked his mother for approval before starting his penance and fervent prayers to the Lord. The kid was too young and delicate for such a test, but Suniti nonetheless gave him the go-ahead to pursue the path of adoration. In pursuit of a suitable and appropriate location to do his prayers and penance, Dhruv went through the woodlands after leaving his house.

He had his eyes closed and was lost in concentration when he suddenly opened them to see seven renowned Sages walking by. Dhruv quickly bowed down before the renowned Sages and explained his situation. He declared to the Lord Almighty his intention to perform a thorough penance. Dhruv went on to say that he wanted his stepbrother to succeed him as the King when the time came. In addition, Dhruv had no desire to take advantage of whatever he had not legally acquired. He desired to succeed in life and become an altruist (someone who has selfless respect for the interests of others). He sincerely asked the great Sages to lead him down the correct road.

The opinions of the seven Sages were all in agreement. As they commanded Dhruv to worship Lord Vishnu one by one, they described Lord Vishnu in all of his guises. Additionally, they provided Dhruv with guidance on how to worship Lord Vishnu. Additionally, they gave him several Mantras to constantly sing in honor of Lord Vishnu. The great Sages left after offering Dhruv all their wise counsel.

When Dhruv arrived at the Yamuna’s banks, he immediately began fervently praying to Lord Vishnu by reciting the different Mantras as the Sages had instructed. The intensity of his petitions terrified many Devas, including Lord Indra. They attempted to interrupt Dhruv during his prayers but were unsuccessful.

The Devas went to Lord Brahma with Lord Indra and described the severe penance and austerity Dhruv had undergone, as well as their concern for their situation (danger). Lord Brahma gave the Deva assurance and allayed their fears by assuring them that Dhruv would not act in a way that would be damaging to their interests and giving them advice to maintain their composure.

However, Lord Vishnu eventually recognized the sincerity of Dhruv’s penance and made himself known to him. When Dhruv first saw the Lord, he was ecstatic and began crying. He began chanting Lord Vishnu’s praises in a variety of mantras. Lord Vishnu gave the blessing that Dhruv’s mother will always be with him since he was very happy.

Lord Vishnu declared that he was traveling to Kashi, where Lord Shiva resides. Lord Visweshwar, who bestows blessings on all the inhabitants of Kashi, and Kashi Kshetra received encomiums (great praise) from Lord Vishnu. Dhruv was taken to Kashi by Lord Vishnu, who had him perch atop the bird. The day was Kartik month’s Poornima. Lord Vishnu said that on the trip, anyone who bathes in the Ganga on Shukla Chaturtasi day of Kartik month and worships Visweshwar is granted Moksha. When Dhruv arrived in Kashi, Lord Vishnu gave him instructions to build a Shiv Ling and worship Lord Shiva there.

Lord Vishnu asserts that placing one Shiv Ling in Kashi is comparable to placing one million Shiv Lings elsewhere. A person will also receive the Punya equal of gifting the entire Sumeru Mountain in Daan if they build or rebuild a temple in Kashi (offering). Lord Vishnu vanished after providing Dhruv with all of this helpful instruction. Dhruv, who was extremely pious, started worshipping Lord Shiva after digging a Kund, setting up a Shiv Ling, and building a temple. He headed home shortly after that.

In Kashi Khand’s opinion, a devotee who worships Dhruveshwar shall achieve complete satisfaction in this life and pass into Dhruv Lok (heaven) after death. The devotee will also always be prosperous.

In chapters 19 to 21, Kashi Khand provides a thorough account of the Dhruv-related incidents. According to Kashi Khand, individuals who read and hear the tale of Dhruv would be forgiven of all their sins and will arrive at the afterlife residence of Lord Vishnu.



Architecture of Dhruveshwar Temple

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How to reach Dhruveshwar Temple?

By Train: Trains are always a better option. these days Varanasi junction is keeping the way all good. Dhruveshwar temple is just a few km away from the Varanasi junction.
By Air: Book your tickets to the Gorakhpur airport, which is a few km away from the temple. as Varanasi airport is well connected to other city Airports.
By Bus: One can travel directly to the temple. various local and private bus services are available for visiting Varanasi.

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06.00AM to 10.00AM and 06.00PM to 08.00PM

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