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About Sarkaradevi Temple

Sarkaradevi Temple is quite possibly the main sanctuaries in South India. It is arranged South of the Chirayinkeezhu Taluk (in the North-West of Thiruvananthapuram area). The closest town is Attingal and Varkala. Custom agreements a far off vestige to this sanctuary. Its principle divinity is Bhadrakali (Goddess Durga). The Sarkaradevi Temple expected a critical status for some reasons and rose to recorded significance chiefly with the presentation of the well known Kaliyoot celebration by Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma, the Travancore sovereign, in 1748. The Sarkaradevi Temple have some essential connection with Nakramcode Devi Temple which situated in Avanavanchery, Attingal.

The main celebration in the sanctuary is the celebration of kaliyoot, which falls on the Malayalam month of kumbham (March). Kali, the Mother of goddess is the divinity of ranchers. It is clear from the incorporation of the invented understandings of agrarian workmanship customs in the ceremonies of the artistic expression of Kaliyoot. Kaliyoot is the emotional show of the beginning of Bhadrakali and Darika the delegates of good and evil individually, their showdown and later the annihilation of Darika in reverential terms and with cadenced strides. Kaliyoot is a combination of more seasoned agrarian workmanship custom is a further settled by the way that the time picked for performing Kaliyoot after Makara Koithu (the Malayalam month of Makaram compares to March and in the period of the subsequent collect season in Kerala. Koithu is a Malayalam expression for gather ) and that Kali shows up under the appearance of a pulaya (the pulaya standing is the customary agrarian laboring local area in Kerala.) young lady in the Kali dramatisation.

The Meenabharani celebration is the second extraordinary yearly celebration in the sanctuary of Sarkara Devi Temple. This celebration regularly falls on the event of the yearly exceptional pooja of Attavishesham.

History and Legend :

Chirayinkeezhu Taluk being straightforwardly under the quick organization of the Attingal, Kerala Swarupam, the Attingal Ranis where endowed by the TravancoreRaja with the lead of the intricate celebration of Kaliyoot. The Attingal Rani being identified with the Travancore imperial family through reception from the Kolathunadu illustrious family. From the hour of Venad Kings, had appreciated free rights in a few regards over the adjoining areas and sanctuaries and on occasion significantly over the whole Venad. Indeed, even the King Marthanda Varma attached Attingal to Travancore, before long climbing the seat Marthanda Varma chose to accept direct authority over Attingal ‘bequest’. The Ranis appear to have been permitted to proceed in their autonomous status in many regards. Consequently it was no big surprise that when the previous chose to present Kaliyoot celebration in the Sarkaradevi Temple of Chirayinkeezhu Division, he depended the obligation to the Attingal Ranis, despite the fact that the accounts came straightforwardly from the Travancore imperial depository.

The Attingal Ranis in the turn offered the individuals from the tactical group of Ponnora Panickers (When two princesses were taken on from Kolathunad, some senior individuals from the Ponnara family are said to have went with them as guardians to Attingal, where the previous were settled by the Venad Kings. The relatives of the family are as yet living there, with the obligation of regulating the terrific celebration. Indeed, even presently the obligation is proceeding with the relatives of the Ponnara family. Quite possibly the main characteristics of this sanctuary is that it is the solitary sanctuary in South Kerala where such elaborate Kaliyoot celebration is directed. Another celebration which makes the sanctuary the focal point of fascination is the Meenabharani mahotswavam which is directed for ten days in the period of March–April consistently. Popular Malayalam Film Actor Prem Nazir gave an elephant to the Sarkara Devi Temple.

Architecture of Sarkaradevi Temple

The sanctum sanctorum is a two celebrated rectangular design. The rooftop is cleaned with bronze. The subsequent story is adorned with countless models which incorporate that of Bhagwaan Krishna, Bhagwaan Rama, Durga, Bhagwaan Ganapathy, Bhagwaan Vishnu, Narasimhamoorthi and a few different divinities.

How to reach Sarkaradevi Temple?

By Train: Ernakulam south railway station ( 6 km away )
By Air: Cochin international airport ( 88 km away )
By Bus: Direct vehicles

Sarkaradevi Temple Timings

5:00 AM to 8:00 PM

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