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About Sharadamba Temple, Shringeri, Karnataka

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The Sharadamba temple in Shringeri was set up by Sri Shankaracharya when he set up the Sharada Peetham Matha here. It is an excellent sanctuary, set in the Malnad area. Shringeri is situated on the banks of the waterway Tunga. It is a popular journey place, and vital for the adherents of Shankaracharya.

Every year , Navratri festival is celebrated on a grand scale for 11 days.

History and Legend :

Sri Shankaracharya was traversing the country with his pupils. He arrived at this spot, known as Shringa Giri, on the grounds that the slope here was the spot of the ashram of Vibhandaka Maharishi and his extraordinary child Rishyashringa. At the point when Sri Shankara resulted in these present circumstances place, he saw an abnormal scene – a cobra had raised up and spread its hood, to give conceal from the sweltering sun for a generating amphibian. He was charmed by this sight. Saraswathi Devi, who was with him in the structure a young lady named Bharathi, chose to remain here. Adi Shankaracharya likewise chose to remain here and set up the Shringeri Sharada Peetham, one of the five Mathas he set up in different pieces of India. It is said he went through twelve years here. He is likewise said to have fabricated four different temples around the Matha – Kalabhairava temple , Durga temple , Anjaneya temple and Kali temple.

As Devi Saraswathi had chosen to live here, he assembled a sanctuary here and introduced a sandalwood symbol of her as Sharada Devi, in a standing stance.

It is accepted that during the Muslim attack under Malik Kafur, the first icon was annihilated. During the Vijayanagara time frame, a gold sculpture of Sharadamba in a situated stance was introduced here. As of late, a Gopuram was added to this sanctuary. Navaratri or Dusshera festivities are a terrific event here. The Goddess is taken out in parade, and thousands go to the merriments.

Architecture of Sharadamba Temple, Shringeri, Karnataka

Structure :

Sri Sharadamba Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Saraswati in the holy town of Sringeri in KarnatakaIndia.

The Sharadamba Temple at Sringeri (Shringa giri in Sanskrit) is an eighth century sanctuary, established by Sri Adi Shankaracharya. It housed a sandalwood sculpture of Shardamba in a standing stance, which was introduced by Adi Shankarachaya until the Vijayanagara rulers and Sri Vidyaranya (twelfth Jagadguru) introduced a situated gold sculpture of Sri Shardamba in the fourteenth century.

How to reach Sharadamba Temple, Shringeri, Karnataka?

By Train: nearest railway stations are Shimoga and Kadur
By Air: nearest airport is Mangalore ( 105 km away )
By Bus: various bus services are available to Shringeri

Sharadamba Temple, Shringeri, Karnataka Timings

Morning – 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Evening – 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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