Ck.2/33, outside Sankata Devi Temple, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
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About Vindhya Devi

Numerous Devis of Kashi is mentioned in Chapter 70 of the Kashi Khand and are to be worshipped. They are all strong Devis.


Vindhya Devi, a potent divinity, is one of the Devis mentioned by Kashi Khand. Vindhya Devi worshippers will experience a variety of Siddhis throughout their lives. According to tradition, Mother Jagadambika, the daughter of King Prajapati Daksha, was born a Sati and later wed Lord Shiva. However, this marriage did not sit well with Sati’s father Daksha.

All the gods were invited to a yajna that Daksha performed, except his daughter Sati and Lord Shiva. Without permission, Sati attended the yagna, and King Daksha disparaged Shiva. When Sati could no longer take it, she devoted herself to the altar of sacrifice. Shiva lifted Sati’s flaming body while engulfed in grief and performed the destruction dance.

Lord Vishnu used the Sudarshan Chakra to cut the body of Sati to stop this. Anywhere that a piece of Sati’s body hit the ground, it became Shaktipeeth. One of these Shaktipeeths is Vindhyavasini Temple in Uttar Pradesh, which is also known as Jagrit Shaktipeeth. It has also been referred to as Jagrit Peetha.

Mother Vindhyavasini is referred to as Sati in the Shiva Purana, and Nandja Devi in the Shrimad Bhagwat. The scriptures often refer to the mother by her alternate names, Vanadurga and Krishnanuja. The scriptures also indicate that Adi Shakti Devi is not entirely situated anywhere.

Architecture of Vindhya Devi

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How to reach Vindhya Devi?

By Train: Trains are always a better option. these days Varanasi junction is keeping the way all good. Vindhya Devi temple is just few km away from Varanasi junction.
By Air: Book your tickets to the Gorakhpur airport, which is few km away from the temple. as Varanasi airport is well connected to other city Airports.
By Bus: One can travel directly to the temple. various local and private bus services are available for visiting Varanasi.

Vindhya Devi Timings

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06.00AM to 10.00PM

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