Aadi Purana

Also known as -  
Ādi purāṇa
aadipuran granth

Aadi Purana was composed by Jinasena (a Digambara Monk) as a Sanskrit poem praising the life of first Tirthankara, Rishabhanatha. According to Jain tradition, it was composed in 9th century CE.

The work focusses in his own unique style the pilgrimage of a soul to perfection and attainment of mukti. In the work, the struggle for power and control over the entire world of two brothers Bharata and Bahubali, sons of Rishabhadeva. While Bahubali wins, he renounces the worldly pursuits in favor of his brother. Many Jaina Puranas of the Middle Ages found a role model in this work.

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śloka from Aadi Purana

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