Tarasara Upanishad

Also known as -  
तारसार उपनिषत्
Tārasāra Upaniṣad

Tarasara Upanishad is a Sanskrit text which is classified as one of 14 Vaishnava Upanishads, and a Mantra Upanishad. It is one of the 19 Upanishads attached to the Shukla Yajurveda. The text is notable for its discussion of Om for yogic meditation as Taraka or that which helps one cross from mundane into the spiritual world. It is one of the texts which mentions the “Om Namo Narayana” mantra of Vaishnavism.

ॐ नमो नारायणायेति तारकं चिदात्मकमित्युपासितव्यम् ।

The Upanishad discusses the Om mantra and integrates into its sound.

The following shloka describe  the central characters of the epic Ramayana such as Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Bharata, Shatrughna and Jambavan. It also asserts that Hanuman is a manifestation of Shiva.

ॐ यो ह वै श्रीपरमात्मा नारायणः स भगवानकारवाच्यो
जाम्बवान्भूर्भुवः सुवस्तस्मै वै नमोनमः ॥ १॥

ॐ यो ह वै श्रीपरमात्मा नारायणः स भगवानुकारवाच्य
उपेन्द्रस्वरूपो हरिनायको भूर्भुवः सुवस्तस्मै वै नमोनमः ॥ २॥

ॐ यो ह वै श्रीपरमात्मा नारायणः स भगवान्मकारवाच्यः
शिवस्वरूपो हनूमान्भूर्भुवः सुवस्तस्मै वै नमोनमः ॥ ३॥

Tarasara Upanishad

ॐ यो ह वै श्रीपरमात्मा नारायणः स भगवान्बिन्दुस्वरूपः
शत्रुघ्नो भूर्भुवः सुवस्तस्मै वै नमोनमः ॥ ४॥

ॐ यो ह वै श्रीपरमात्मा नारायणः स भगवान्नादस्वरूपो
भरतो भूर्भुवः सुवस्तस्मै वै नमोनमः ॥ ५॥

ॐ यो ह वै श्रीपरमात्मा नारायणः स भगवान्कलास्वरूपो
लक्ष्मणो भूर्भुवः सुवस्तस्मै वै नमोनमः ॥ ६॥

ॐ यो ह वै श्रीपरमात्मा नारायणः स भगवान्कलातीता
भगवती सीता चित्स्वरूपा भूर्भुवः सुवस्तस्मै वै नमोनमः ॥ ७॥

The text has three chapters, with the first a repeat of the first chapter of the Jabala Upanishad. The second and third chapter focus on describing the Om mantra, it being the ultimate and highest reality Brahman, and its relationship to Narayana (Vishnu).

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Shloka from Tarasara Upanishad

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