Taittiriya Brahmana

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Taittiriya Brahmana belongs to Krishna Yajurveda and divided into three khandas. It is considered that part of the Kathaka Brahmana is also included in this shakha. It has both mixed of mantras and Brahmans and composed in poetic and prose manner.

Topics of Taittiriya Brahmana

  • The first kāṇḍa deals with the sacrifices like:
  1. Agnyādhāna
  2. Gavāmayana
  3. Vājapeya
  4. Somayāgas
  5. Nakṣatreṣṭi
  6. Rājasuya
  • The second kāṇḍa deals with the others like:
  1. Agnihotra
  2. Sautrāmaṇi
  3. Upahoma
  4. Bṛhaspatisava
  5. Vaiśyasava

The various mantras, mostly from the Rigveda, to be used in these rites and also other relevant details are given.

  • The third kāṇḍa gives a detailed account of the Nakṣatreṣṭi.
  • Twenty-eight nakṣatras and the mantras to be used for each of them are described.
  • Other subjects dealt with are:
  1. Puruṣamedha
  2. Paśumedha
  3. Preparing the yupa
  4. Rectifying the faults in the rites
  5. Aśvamedha
  • The very last chapter reflects the teachings of the Vedānta through two symbolic sacrifices:
  1. Cāturhotra
  2. Vaiśvasrja
  • It is the total renunciation that leads to liberation.

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Taittiriya Brahmana Chapters

Famous Shloka from Taittiriya Brahmana

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