Aluguli Mane – Classic


Roll The Dice Aluguli Mane / Channe Mane / Pallanguzhi / Vamana guntalu / Wooden Board Game / Mancala Game / 14 Pit Wooden Game.

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Place of Origin: Bharat

About the Product

Also known as Aluguli Mane, Channe Mane, Pallanguzhi, Vamana Guntalu, Wooden Board Game, Mancala Game, pits and pebbles, sow and reap game.

Every home needs to own a set of Channe Mane. It is bound to be useful on a rainy day or for a lazy sunday afternoon.
While other traditional games such as Chowka Bara can be played by just drawing a board on the ground with a chalk, Channe Mane needs a wooden board with 14 pits.

The game has several local variations and has evolved independently in many geographical locations in India and elsewhere in the world, as can be made out from the names. One can play independently as well as with 1-2 more players. RolltheDice’s Channe Mane is a quality product “engineered” by traditional artisans who know a thing or two about making games that are used by generations of a family.

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