Bliss Anti-skid Bathmat


The 14×24 furry floor mat with an anti-skid gel backing is impressive, safe, and comfortable. It is excellent if you are looking for a modern makeover for your place. It will resist the shoe dirt infiltrating your place and prevent tumbling tragedy. It can moreover be utilised as a bath mat as it is immediate in soaking in all the moisture. It is available in grey, red, pink, brown, and Indigo shades.

Place of Origin: Bharat

About the Product

Bring the ideal Bliss Anti-skid Bathmat, doormat and bath mat fitting generously with your residence, retail stores, and offices. The doormat is made sustainable material and is durable. The doormat stands out to be comfortable, clean, and cozy. 

The doormat on the doorstep in India is a tradition obeyed by our ancestors and now by us.  The doormat has numerous uses namely;

  • The doormat won’t let the feet or shoe dirt enter your niche sustaining the cleanliness.
  • It also avoids unnecessary stumbling accidents which make it safe.
  • The doormat drives along with your place composition and works equally well indoors as well outdoors.

The doormat fulfills multiple purposes, therefore, keeping your place, and your guests safe simultaneously enhancing the layout of your place.

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