Buddha with Lotus Mandala

Buddha with Lotus Mandala


Doubt everything. Find your own light.

One piece of art can bring your whole house together and can transform your room into
an aesthetic one.

The “MANDALA” is any plain, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos, either
metaphysically or symbolically, and serves from the human perspective as a microcosmic image
of the entire universe.

Originally from the traditional Indo-Asian art this painting is the symbol of spirituality and inner

The beautiful piece of art is made by our creator after toiling for hours to understand different
sizes,hues and colors to create innovative patterns to make a circular painting. It is not only
bound to liven up your living space but will also resonate the notions of peace and solace that’s
hidden in it’s intrinsic patterns.

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Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Size: 11.5″*15.2″

300 GSM watercolour paper

Steadler permanent pens

Brustro Fine Liners

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