Copper Tongue Cleaner


Copper is well known for household uses in India since ancient times for it’s antibacterial character and aesthetic golden tint. The copper tongue cleaner has an exact curve that benefits the cleaning efficiency without hurting the tongue. Copper tongue cleaner for you and your family’s better health.

25 in stock (can be backordered)

Place of Origin: Bharat, Delhi

About the Product

  1. Can a single product do good to humans and the environment simultaneously?
Yes, and this copper tongue cleaner is one of the products. The copper has natural antimicrobial and for that very reason, kitchen essentials like utensils, bottles are also made from copper.
Unlike plastic or steel tongue cleaner, the copper tongue cleaner is antimicrobial and does no harm. It cleanses the tongue as satisfactorily as any plastic or steel tongue cleaners.
It also eliminates the fear of hurt one’s tongue with steel as it has adverse effects and causes infections.
The copper tongue cleaner is a safe and sound choice for a healthy and clean mouth.
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