Hanuman Bhagwan Doll


Hanuman is the incredibly strong, invincible son of the Wind-god. He is the eternal servitor of Lord Ramachandra. The Ramayana tells of his glories. Teach your kids the concept of loyalty and bravery through this toy. Gift your kids a perfect epitome of Dharma in the form of Lord Hanuman.

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Place of Origin: Vrindavan
Weight60 g

Red, Skin Brown, Yellow


Canvas, Cotton, Natural Color Die

About the Product

Soft toys and children share an adorable bond. They become playmates and play a vital role in shaping a child’s moral and ethical compass. Children often get attached to their toys and prefer travelling the world with them. Being parents, it becomes your responsibility to give your child the right kind of soft toy that’ll mould your child’s character.

We make these dolls for you and your child with love, care, sanskaar and organic materials.

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