Kadhai 10 inch


The kadhai is made of terracotta for you to pull the old days back. The cooking experience and familiarity with the aroma and flavor of the food cooked in it are nostalgic. The material can withstand a lot of stress and also resists breaking and chipping very effectively. It is not affected by the erosive action of the elements, is resistant to fire and water making it durable. The kadhai is thick and puts vital nutrients in food making the cookery convenient and healthful.

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Place of Origin: Jaipur

About the Product

  • Material: Clay, Colour- Red, Can Be Used On Gas Stove
  • Type_cooking and serving: Cooks Meet or Vegetables. cooking item: Cooking items: biriyani- Rice, Dal- Khichdi-Pongal-Curd Rice- chicken curry Veg pasta ,Chinese stir fry
  • Benefits of Cooking in Clay Pots or Earthen Pots: These pots maintain the nutritive value, cut down oil consumption, neutralize the pH level, add more nutrients, add an earthy flavour, and are equally economical options to prefer.
  • Meanwhile, clay is basic in nature, and when food is cooked it balances the pH balance to the most, therefore, it acts as a natural detox as well. You will be amazed to know that mud comprises all the possible vitamins including Vitamin B12. Hand made product, size and shape may slightly vary.
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