Mandala art on handmade paper


Are you an art enthusiastic? or want to give a traditional or artistic look to your home?

Get this!

Interestingly, Mithila or Madhubani paintings are done using fingers and twigs as well as matchsticks and pen nibs in the modern-day. There are rarely any blank spaces in these paintings. If there’s a border, it is embellished with geometric and floral patterns. Natural dyes are used for the paintings.

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Place of Origin: Bharat, Samastipur

About the Product

Art is known for its healing effects specifically in the process of mandala artwork one feels much calmer and peaceful. The presence of mandala art around you will make your environment more optimistic and calmer 

Psychologists believe that the mandala represents the self and one feels more connected within 

It is the most preferred gift item too

So with all such mental benefits do add mandala art to your home.

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