Take hold of the miniature set of terra cotta matkas (pots) to introduce the ancestral atmosphere to your residence. This set of four distinctly pottered matkas with a tray that has natural texture is illustrative as a mini art at your place. It is also a suitable toy for children as they will recognize the terra cotta pottery which will give them a learning opportunity.

10 in stock (can be backordered)

Place of Origin: Bharat, Jaipur

About the Product

Terra cotta is a timeless mastery of masterpieces and daily utilized commodities. The earthenware pottery was conceived as a need in India back when tigers used to smoke. Terra cotta utensils filled the kitchen, used as cookery commodities as well as serving utensils. However, terra cotta at present has signified as the history of art and an everlasting trend to the future.

With the unconquerable time, the motive of employing terracotta has changed but it’s conquered the time with its continuance of sustaining our health and environment. The presence of Terra cotta lends a traditional aura to your home with its warm rusty orange shade comprising the vital elements; air, earth, water, and fire.

Terra cotta at this era hasn’t lagged in being a trend, and a crucial basis of the contemporary movement we call it as “healthy lifestyle”. This trend has always been a factor of Indian tradition and currently, the entire world had begun borrowing the art of terra cotta for the art of healthy living.

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