Neem Wood Handle Comb


This Neem Wood Handle Comb Not only do the natural and environment-friendly Neem combs feel wonderful, but they do a great deal of good to your scalp health. Regular combing with these combs is believed to inhibit dandruff as well as scalp infections. Benefits such as reduced hair fall are also claimed. The neem wood handle comb has sufficient spacing between each tooth to resist hair fall with a handle to make combing convenient.

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Place of Origin: Bharat, Delhi




About the Product

Want to take one’s good care simultaneously conserve the environment? The neem wood comb is what you will prefer. The wood comb is made of actual wood which makes it environmentally friendly and an ideal comb to take satisfactory care of your hair.

The Neem Wood Handle Comb is for all hair types, be it straight, curly, wavy, just name it! The wood comb has many pros, namely;

  •  The wood comb doesn’t carry static energy, saving hair from static damage
  • It treats the flaky scalps and prevents dandruff as it doesn’t dry the scalp
  • The teeth of the comb are shaped in the curve which makes the comb soft towards the scalp
  • It increases the blood circulation in the skull region, preventing hair loss and mild migraine
  • Its natural wooden texture stimulates the hair growth
  • It adds shine hair

I‍t is also easier to clean, just wipe it with a cloth or tissue. It can also be soaked in hair oil as it observes the oil and then wipe it with a cloth so that while combing it will evenly oil the hair.

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