Organic Cinnamon


250 Gram pack of handpicked Organic Cinnamon from villages of Cherrapunji, Meghalaya.
Direct from the Farmers.

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Place of Origin: Meghalaya
Weight250 g

About the Product

Natural Cinnamon are the common variety of cinnamon and are known for its spicy hotness and sharp flavours. Cinnamon sticks are stored with strong flavours and essences that make them excellent for enhancing both subtle spicy notes and more strong fiery flavours to all types of savoury dishes. Cinnamon sticks are delicious and fun in hot beverages and are a must-have for preparing your spices.

These Organic Cinnamon Sticks are fragrant and generally utilized in cooking as a condiment and flavouring ingredient. Cinnamon sticks provide a sweet and mellow flavour to any dish. It is used in the preparation of several desserts, curries and Pulav in Indian cuisine. It gives dishes a very robust flavour. Cinnamon bark is widely used as a spice.

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