Plain Panchgavya Diya – Made from Cow Dung


Get yourself Panchgavya diyas and illuminate your home as well as the environment into an eco-friendly festive aura. The panchgavya diyas are hand-crafted into a classic shape and look remarkable when lit.

Place of Origin: Bharat, Nalanda

25, 50




Cow Dung

About the Product

What is Panchagavya? 

Panchagavya is a mixture used in traditional Hindu rituals that are prepared by mixing five ingredients. The three direct constituents are cow dung, urine, and milk; the two derived products are curd and ghee. These are mixed in proper ratio and then allowed to ferment.

Why should I buy this Diya?

  • Biodegradable & Organic.
  • Promote oxygen generation, remove pollution caused due by carbon and toxic air in your home.
  • Leftover ashes can be used as an organic manure for your plants or for improving soil fertility.
  • Natural Lighting at its best.
  • Pure and a positive aroma all around the place.
  • The best of nature into your very hands.
  • Work & employment for Women’s in Villages of Pawapuri, Nalanda, Bihar
  • women-making-panchgavya-Diya-pawapuri-handicraft-Nalanda-Bihar

Going Eco-Friendly this festive season? Then why go off tradition?

Get This Diya Now! Celebrate An Eco-friendly and Chemical-free Diwali this year in a Vedic way with these amazing Panchgavya Diyas.

Created by a self-help women group in Pawapuri, Nalanda, Bihar.

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