Tealight Candle Holder


­This tea light holder is ideal for embellishing composition in the day and romantic, healing, heavenly at dusk. Made with the care and grace of our master craftsmen. Liven up your space, soothe your mental health.

10 in stock (can be backordered)

Place of Origin: Bharat, Jaipur


About the Product

With warmth by Mittihub!

In search of warmth for sight? Mittihub Crafts presents the aesthetically modeled  ‘tealight candle holder’.  The candle holder has been hand-designed skillfully to make it modest yet to fill the space with its antique appearance and warm sensation. The candle holder comes with a tiny candle holder and a diverse sculptured lid with various patterns engraved on it.

The tealight candle holder is made from high-quality material, is durable and dependable. The candle holder and lid can moreover be used individually if required. The candlelight holder is also ideal for keeping Diya or artificial lights.

The tealight candle holder is flexible to your requirements and meets all your necessity. Looking for a festive up-gradation of your residence for the upcoming Diwali, Christmas, and New Year’s eve; a tealight candle holder will refresh your place with its warm charisma and elegant patterns. The tealight holder is similarly stunning at daylight with its ancient wooden layouts and works flawlessly as home decor.

The tealight holder is also therapeutic, comforting, and its warmth feels like a hug on dark unhappy days. It is equally capable of lightening up your candlelight dinner with your loved ones and is a suitable gift for your valentine, friends, and families.

The perks of the Tealight Candleholder are

  • Upgrade Your Room Decor, Liven up your place
  • Made from high-quality material(Earth!), Durable and Long-lasting (tested by humanity)
  • No Assembly Is Required, just a light source needed 
  • This stunning Mittihub Tealight Holder makes for a perfect addition to your home.

Ideal For: Decoration, Gifting, Diwali Decoration, Christmas Party Decoration, Home Decor, Candle Light Dinner,  valentines day, Small events, and any use you can think of. r  adorning your place and self-love for soothing your soul.

Tea light holder is certainly one product but satisfies numerous desires. It is a classic masterpiece in light and angelic when the place gets shadowy. The warmth of the fire; the purest element to exist, the glow glistened by the flame, and the silhouette that unfolds, blankets your place with elegance. Its tenderness is therapeutic and makes you feel at home when you are long lost. Seize it, as it is standard chef-d’oeuvre.



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