Bhakti is the love of a woman or a man for God, and God’s response to their feeling is Grace.

Bhakti - Love And Devotion

Many believe that bhakti is limited to offerings, hymns, and regular service. As a result, we see that devotees who regularly pray inside the temple still find themselves entangled with many unresolved issues. Therefore, the concept of bhakti needs to be fully understood.

A virtuous life is vital . Faith, purity, self-control, self-conquest, detachment and truth are all required. Faith is the primary requirement. One where the devotee should improve and understand about Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma through wisdom from the wise and devotees together along with the knowledge of holy books and the love of the Almighty.

Purity means the purity of both mind and body. All faith-sponsored external purification rituals can support purity of mind and spirit. The greatest task is to achieve godliness.

Self-control really means controlling both the body and the mind. One should avoid doing things which bring sins to him. The positive aspects like patience, forbearance, modesty, humility, self-sacrifice and self-effacement will cause self-control.

He is actually practicing self-conquest when he can control his mind. This may help him encourage liberation. Separation is the next step in self-conquest. We must overcome evil and be independent of the good of life. Family ties and love for young people, relatives and friends are all good, but blindly dating them only brings attachment.

Selfishness must be removed. Truth is that the main moral aspect. In Tamil it’s termed as ‘satyam’. Truth could also be expanded to other forms like harmlessness, justice, forgiveness, modesty, chastity and so on.

Bhakti - Love And Devotion

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