The universe is an instrument to reveal the majesty of God. The inner armament in the heart of man is also equally a revelation of His glory. He is the Breath of one’s breath. Since He has no specific form, He cannot be indicated by words. Nor can His mystery be penetrated by the other senses. He is beyond the reach of asceticism, beyond the bounds of Vedic rituals. He can be known only by an intellect that has been cleansed of all trace of attachment and hatred, of egotism and the sense of possession.

Brahman and Wisdom

Only spiritual wisdom (jnana) can grant self-realization. Meditation can confer concentration of the faculties; through that concentration, spiritual wisdom can be won, even while in the body.

The Brahman activates the body through the vital air (pranas). It condescends to reveal itself in that same body as soon as the inner consciousness attains the requisite purity. For the Atma is immanent in the inner and outer senses just as heat is in fuel and butter is in milk. Now, the individualized consciousness is like damp fuel, soaked in the foulness of sensory desires and disappointments. When the pool in the heart becomes clear of the slimy overgrowth, the Atma shines in its pristine splendor. One who acquires knowledge of this Atman is to be revered, for that one is liberated.

One has become Brahman, that which one strove to know and be.

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