Deepavali, also known as Diwali, is the Festival of Lights, celebrated with zeal and merriment. DEEPAVALI, also known as Diwali, literally means “a row of lights.” Young and old, rich and poor, everyone over the country celebrate the event to fend off the gloom and welcome the light into their life. Diwali is for all. As many states celebrate in their unique ways, this event represents unity in diversity.

The primary component that everyone who celebrates Diwali does not miss is lighting diyas, regardless of wealth. It’s no surprise that Diwali is known as the “Festival of Lights.”

Ideas for celebrating Diwali with the underprivileged

Diwali is a celebration of light and joy, and we may do our best to share our joy with others. So, this Diwali, why not spend it with the impoverished and underprivileged? Diwali is for all

If you wish to celebrate Diwali with the underprivileged and are searching for ideas, here is a list of suggestions:

Adopt a locality 

There are many impoverished individuals in India. There are persons in every city and town who do not have access to essential services. Conduct research far in advance of Diwali to find poor people’s neighbourhoods. Collect enough cash from friends and potential contributors.

Adopt a neighbourhood and look after its hygiene and basic needs. You may stay with them for the entire five days of Diwali and help them clean up their surroundings, improve their living conditions, and so on.

 Make clothing and blanket donations.

Diwali falls in either October or November, signalling the start of India’s winter season. Donate blankets, sweaters, bed sheets, and garments to individuals sleeping on the streets, people taking refuge around railway stations and bus terminals, and other homeless people to help them celebrate Diwali.

Purchase Diwali presents for underprivileged children

For those fortunate enough to have a loving family, Diwali conjures up feelings of pleasure and joy. But can you imagine how lonely orphaned and poor youngsters feel when they witness other children enjoying Diwali?

Orphan children might be given presents, toys, candy, and crackers on Diwali. On this particular day, you might also sponsor a lovely lunch for them. As they accept the Diwali presents, notice the sparkle in their tiny eyes. You may spend the day of Diwali with them decorating their orphanage and encourage them to make rangoli, among other things, in addition to purchasing their presents and new outfits.

Financial support for the education of disadvantaged children

In the news and the media, we frequently hear about underprivileged youngsters who struggle to pay their school fees while still feeding their families. Instead of wasting money on crackers and new outfits during Diwali, you may save it and use it to fund the education of such impoverished youngsters.

Also, take the initiative and establish a network of friends and peers who share your interests. Encourage others to join you in your noble aim of celebrating Deepavali with underprivileged people by spreading your concept. We may do something on our own, but we can accomplish more when we work together.

Make food and clothing distributions at hospitals and public areas

Many impoverished people sleep outside and on the grounds of government hospitals and in public spaces like train stations and parks. Distribute to them hot, fresh food, clothing, and sweets. If your money allows, you may also buy necessities such as medications, blankets, and raincoats.

 Buy handcrafted diyas and crackers from the underprivileged

Stop enriching the wealthy during Diwali. We are just handing out money to profit-driven company owners when we buy diyas and pooja necessities in supermarkets and online.

Instead, buy diyas and Diwali decorations from underprivileged folks and roadside vendors to celebrate Diwali with them. As a result, every dollar you spend on Diwali decorations will go towards feeding the needy.

 Handloom weavers should be supported.

It is customary to wear new clothing on Diwali. However, the harsh reality is that handloom weavers in India belong to the lower sections of society who struggle to make ends meet.

Join a disadvantaged group of handloom weavers in celebrating Diwali. Support their family as much as your budget allows. Extend your assistance in providing information that might assist their children in obtaining an education or obtaining scholarships—sponsor groceries and medications for them.

 Start a campaign to educate the poor.

Diwali has become increasingly polluted in recent years as a result of the chemicals used in crackers. Educate people on how to celebrate Diwali in an environmentally sustainable manner.

To do so, collect impoverished youngsters and have them decorate diyas with eco-friendly colors, which they may then sell in tiny booths. Also, educate impoverished youngsters how to make paper wrapping and gift covers for Diwali gifts. In this manner, you may be a Diwali rescuer while simultaneously celebrating the festival with the underprivileged in a meaningful way.

Collaboration with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and sponsorship for vaccination

We could get the notion to help the underprivileged celebrate Diwali for a good purpose. However, if we are alone, we may be unable to take risks or continue with confidence. If you find yourself in this circumstance, look for NGOs that work in your area. Share your ideas on how you want to spend Diwali with the less fortunate. Your application to join their team will be cordially accepted.

As a consequence, Diwali allows you to achieve both your aim and your passion. COVID immunizations are provided to the less fortunate. Form a collaboration with government schools and non-governmental organisations with the same purpose. Alternatively, choose a particular spot and inform the people of your plans.

Final words before wrapping up,

Unfortunately, modern times have rendered Diwali associated with noise and air pollution. We can, however, start the change we wish to see in society if we are committed to doing so.

You are sending a powerful message to your children and future generations by celebrating Diwali with disadvantaged people environmentally responsible and humanitarian. Who is to say you can’t enjoy the Diwali sweets and delicacies? Eat, have a good time, aid the needy, and repeat!

A single action today toward a greener, poor-friendly Diwali is a significant start toward bringing about societal transformation. You will also experience a great deal of inner satisfaction as a result of doing so. After all, what could be more valuable than the unparalleled delight we derive from assisting those in need?

By Seemaa Eathirajan

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