~ Saniya Mishra

Diye Wali Diwali – The light within us was created to illuminate not only our own lives but the entire planet.

The earth is diverse, both in terms of human beings and living things. There is no actual clamoring of area because they are all designed to live together, and the unity in that diversity is the true light. Diwali has nearly arrived, and it is a season of joy, festivity, and excitement, for which people start preparation a month prior, they clean their house, decorate them with colorful lightings buy new clothes and lighting diyas or earthen lamps is the main part of the Festival of Lights.

These little lamps are lit in every residence in the run-up to the festival. But do you understand what they mean? why people lighten diyas?

What does a Diye Wali Diwali signify?

Diyas symbolize purity and goodness, and lighting one represents overcoming darkness and entering the light. In other words Diya is more than just a decorative item; it also serves as a reminder to give up materialistic pursuits and combat ignorance by attaining knowledge if one wishes to join with God. As a result, people light diyas in every part of their homes.

Diye Wali Diwali

On this occasion, each and every home is enlivened. But have you ever considered the people who live in nursing homes and orphanages? Those people, too, require a family; they are human, and they are left behind on occasions of joy and delight, but who cares.

There are many people who think why even I’m mentioning this. But what’s wrong? Why can’t we make diye wali diwali more special for us and also for them by celebrating each and every festival with them? So, lets’ take the initiative that from this Diwali they do not feel lonely not only on Diwali but also on other festivals.

Let’s make a promise we will lighten diyas full of happiness and joy in their life. We’ll go there with them and lighten diyas, make them happy too. They don’t need money, rather they need love, care and family, the family who left them, but we can’t.

Let’s lighten diyas in the lives of people to whom their family left. Every devout Hindu, according to Vedanta, must fill his heart with the oil of love, light the wick with the knowledge of Truth, and ward off ignorance. It goes on to say that, like a Diya that can light many Diyas, we can kindle light in many hearts.

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