Faith and knowledge are important in Hinduism. Faith has a four-fold aspect of test of time.

In this limited conception of life, man cannot help but doubt himself, doubt humanity, doubt Sanathana Dharma and doubt “The Brahman”. A man who has no faith in his own Atman cannot have faith in Brahman and a man who has no faith in Brahman cannot have faith in humanity.

Therefore faithlessness throws the man in a state of doubt and unstable equilibrium.

This situation destroys the moral fiber of humanity as well as the entire social fabric of the community at large. Man can become suspicious of the other men and this suspicion is like a cancer which pollutes and degenerates the progress of a country and her people.


Faith provides peace and this, in turn, is power. This faith is the means for knowledge and true knowledge is ‘The Brahma Jnana’.


Vedanta shows the value of the ‘Brahman’.

Knowledge is the basis of Hinduism. The Vedas, the Upanishads and the Brahma sutras are Srutis of immense Jnana or knowledge, while all the other literatures like Tirumurais, Thirupugal, Nalayira Tivya Pirapantam, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavadgita, Saiva Siddanta texts and many others are Smritis of equally great Jnana Or Knowledge.

Basically Hinduism is known as Sanathana Dharma. Dharma has enriched the citizens of the world since time immemorial. Great Hindu intellectuals such as Valmiki, Vyasa, Thiruvalluvar, Sankrarchariar, Ramanujar, Madhavachari, Appar, Sundarar, Ramakrishnar, Thiagarajar, Vivekanandar, Ramanar, Tillakar, Radakrishnan and many other scholars have contributed incredible knowledge and philosophies to the World Society.

The Vedas accepted as a rational and an intellectual world philosophy are not understood by the present day Hindus. Though they dictate and mention about these texts, but the actual message given by God is not understood.

Vedas are not the work of human beings but many think the pre- historic preceptors composed them. These scriptures were actually given by the Almighty to the human mankind so that they can live peacefully with well-planned discipline.

Just praying and offering valuable products to the God they prefer is not important but how they accommodate His teachings and message are more vital. Service to the fellow beings is the service to God.

But many Hindus spend millions to sing the glory of God but fail to help the people stricken by poverty and those affected by natural calamity. They fail to understand or refuse to accept the importance of the welfare of the people. This has caused confusion among the Hindus and to a certain extent with other faiths.

May be the Hindus are not abusing the faith but place their faith differently with predetermined parameters.


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