The lesser-known tales of Diwali would give you an insight into the five days. These five days build upon one another leading to the grand event Deepawali. Ever wonder what they teach?

Let’s dive into what wisdom each of these five days provide to us. Each day has a backstory, unique and life-altering if you truly understand it. The five days are Dhanteras, Narka Chaturdashi, Lakshmi Puja, Govardhan Puja and Bhaiya-dooj. These days are celebrated in this order, as they are believed to have happened in the exact order. Let’s gauge the significance of these long-forgotten tales in our mundane life. 

First off Dhanteras:-

This day of Diwali is also known as Dhantrayodashi. The story behind goes:- On this day Lord Dhanvantari granted the boon of Ayurveda to mankind for a better future. That turned out pretty great, right? The religious significance is attracting riches, prosperity and good health to one’s life. King Hima’s son was also saved from Lord Yama this day. Dhanteras is considered an auspicious day to acquire new possessions. it also signifies new beginnings. Endeavours do well if started on Dhanteras. 

Narka Chaturdashi:-

This day of diwali marks the end of the notorious Narkasur. He held over 16,000 women captive, who was liberated by Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is known for many wives because of this day. He accepted these women with full respect and dignity. That teaches us a lesson of its own. If we let go of our misogynistic platitudes, it would make life considerably easier. This day signifies letting go of all negative energy. People get rid of any grudges, feuds and disruptions this day to have peace of mind and body. 

Lakshmi Pooja:-

This day of Diwali marks the rescue of goddess Lakshmi from King Mahabali. Lord Vishnu appeared in the Avatar Vaman and defeated Mahabali by his tactics. This day signifies the triumph over evil and ego. Goddess Lakshmi is celebrated on this day. She is worshipped with great devotion on Lakshmi pooja. It is believed she brings prosperity and abundance of wealth to households. She also brings a promise of peace and harmony. 

Govardhan Pooja:-

It marks the day of Diwali when Lord Krishna taught Lord Indra a lesson. Lord Krishna urged his villagers to pray for shelter to Govardhan when Indra was lashing out at them for not being properly devoted. If we are at tremendous heights, it teaches us to be humble. This indicates the importance of humility in one’s life. We should never make fun of or favour others for our own entertainment. This also implies that we should be prepared for the unexpected at times. Lord Krishna’s devotees commemorate this day with great fervour and fervour. 

Bhai Dooj:-

This day of Diwali is a festival that celebrates the link between brothers and sisters.. Lord Yama is fabled to have visited his sister on this day Goddess Yamuna. He granted her a boon feeling love, whoever will enter the waters of Yamuna on this day would be cleansed of sins and will attain eternal peace (Moksha). This day signifies the final cleansing before we enter Deepawali, it also celebrates the love of siblings. A small ceremony is held on this day, with the spirit of love, joy. People cherish their loved ones with the aim to weather whatever life throws their way

These five days build up the great festive spirit we see in people. Diwali is made significant because of each of these five days. Without any of them, we just can’t celebrate Diwali. The 5 days are a small festival in their own right. If any of them was to be celebrated individually, the enthusiasm would be matched with great devotion and love.

We should heed the lessons, these stories teach us. We can live better and honourable lives if we apply these principles in our day-to-day activities. 

(By;- Jatin Tanwar) 

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