Garuda is a very popular character in the history of Sanatana Dharma. I think there was no one in Sanatana Dharma who didn’t admire Bhagwan Garuda just because of his involvement in so many lilas of Bhagwan Vishnu, but today we will talk about the past of Bhagwan Garuda. Bhagwan Garuda was born to Sage Kashyapa and Vinta, the daughter of Daksh Prajapati in the Satya Yuga. He was the youngest brother of Arun, the charioteer of Suryadev, and the father of Jatayu, Sampati, and also the brother of Sumati. He was born to Sage Kashyapa due to the curse given by Sage Balkhilya to Devraaj Indra. He was born when her mother Vinta was working as a maid for her sister and another wife of Sage Kashyapa Kadru. So, he also involved himself in the service of Kadru and her one thousand sons known as Nagas just to help her mother.

However, one day he took a pledge that he will rescue her mother from the clutches of Kadru and his sons by doing something for them so he made his way towards Nagas to ask them about the way by which he could release her mother from their clutches. Nagas told them that if he is really interested in releasing her mother from their service then he has to go to devaloka and brought nectar from there. Bhagwan Garuda took the decision that he will go to devaloka and bring nectar from Devaloka just to release her mother from their service so he made his way towards Devloka after taking good wishes from her mother. He reached devaloka in a matter of a few days and made his way towards the location of nectar. However, Devas started a fight against Garuda just to save nectar but Garuda beat them all and made his way towards the location of nectar. He picked up nectar from its location and left the devaloka for his home.

However, Bhagwan Vishnu stood himself in the way of Garuda and told him that he was very much satisfied with the way he fought with all devas and wanted to give him a boon of his choice. Bhagwan Garuda told Bhagwan Vishnu that,” He wanted to become immortal and undefeated without drinking nectar and also wanted to take his place in your flag.” Bhagwan Vishnu accepted the words of Bhagwan Garuda and gave him that boon. Thereafter, Bhagwan Garuda asked Bhagwan Vishnu to seek a boon. Bhagwan Vishnu requests him to become his vehicle from that day. Bhagwan Garuda accepted the words of Bhagwan Vishnu and left the place for his home.

Garuda (Khagesvara- King of birds) And Indra Dev

However, Devraaj Indra felt very angry by the act of Khagesvara and attacked the lord with his thunderbolt. The attack of the thunderbolt didn’t do any harm to the body of Khagesvara but still, he sacrifice one of his wings just to give some respect to the thunderbolt of Indradev. Devraaj Indra felt very happy with the attitude of Khagesvara and offer him his friendship. Khagesvara accepted the friendship of Devraaj Indra. Devraaj Indra told Khagesvara that,” He can carry away nectar along with him if he really wanted this nectar for him but never take away this nectar for Nagas because they can harm common people on the power of this nectar. “However, Khagesvara assured Devraaj Indra that he won’t let Nagas drink this nectar and will put that nectar on a place where Devraaj can easily steal this. Thereafter, Bhagwan Garuda left the place for his home and released his mother by showing the nectar vessel to the Nagas. He put the nectar vessel on a place where Devraaj Indra easily stole the nectar vessel just because he concluded his task of releasing his mother from the clutches of Kadru and his sons.

|| हरी शरणम्: ||

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