Give up Desires, Attachments and Clear the Mind !

The awareness of consciousness (chit) in being-awareness-bliss (satchidananda) means the super knowledge (vijnana) that confers perfect equanimity and purity, in fact, Atmic wisdom (Atma-jnana), which can be experienced by one and all. In common parlance, super knowledge is used to indicate the sciences, but really it means the Higher Wisdom. In that “Self-form”, there is no room for “impressions from action (karma)” or for wishes that prompt actions. Wishes vitiate the mind. Wishes lead to action, action leaves a scar (vasana) on the mind. Be alone with yourself; then the mind can be cleared. For this reason, yogis retire into caves.

The impressions (vasanas) fall into two categories: beneficent (subha) and maleficent (a-subha). Beneficent impressions help liberation. Repetition of the name, meditation, good works, charity, justice, unselfish service, gratitude, compassion —these are beneficent. The maleficent tendencies of anger, cruelty, greed, lust, and egotism have to be uprooted with the help of the beneficent. Finally, just as the thorn with which the thorn in the foot is removed is also thrown away, the impressions that were used to overcome the impressions that hurt are also to be discarded.

The beneficial impressions are the products of attachment and produce further attachment, which may persist through many births, so the liberated soul (jivan-muktha) also has to conquer the beneficial impressions. For such a soul, they should be like a burnt rope that can’t bind. In fact the entire group —sensual craving, desire, greed, etc.— gets burned the moment the Atma is visualised. One will not be inclined toward anyone or anything; one will be unattached. Where the sun sets, there one lays down for rest. One moves among people unknown and unrecognised, seeking no recognition, why even avoiding it.

When the seer and the seen are the same, the joy is described as that of the fourth stage (thuriya). Beyond this, the Atma is certain to be reached. By dwelling constantly on the Atma and its reality, attachment to the world will fall off. The spiritual discipline must be without break. Genuine spiritual seekers must, with all their resources, redirect the mind from the affairs of the world and the objects that entice the senses and concentrate on the austere purpose of knowing Brahman.

Ignorant (tamsic) resolutions spell grief; pure (satvic) resolutions promote dharma and help sustain society and individual; passionate (rajsic) ones plunge you into the worldly flood. Give up these three, and you become entitled to the honour of knowledge of Brahman(Brahma Gyaan)


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