India bans another 118 Chinese mobile apps as tensions between two countries worsen


India on Wednesday prohibited another 118 Chinese mobile apps, including the wide in style videogame “PUBG,” because the standoff between the 2 neighboring nations intense.

India’s technology ministry said that the apps vulnerable to the country’s sovereignty and integrity and that the apps “collect and share data during a surreptitious manner and compromise personal data and data of users that may have a severe threat to the protection of the State.


In addition to PUBG, the prohibited apps include Baidu, Baidu specific Edition, Tencent Watchlist, FaceU, WeChat Reading and Tencent Weiyun. According to the Hindustan Times, there are nearly 33 million active “PUBG” players in India, creating it one among the foremost in style apps downloaded within the country.

In July, India force the plug on fifty nine Chinese apps, as well as TikTok, in response to a border clash with China, where more than twenty Indian soldiers died.

“They wish to send a message,” digital rights activist Nikhil Pahwa said at the time. “This could be a call supported a politics scenario.”

Chinese-owned apps have found a invasive market in our country, with some firms making India-specific apps that have exploded in quality. Our country is one among TikTok’s largest markets, with nearly 30% of TikTok’s 2 billion downloads coming back from India.

Banning Chinese apps may well be a ambiguous brand for India. In the long run, Chinese firms may avoid finance in our country’s technology sector and Indian startups may be reluctant to just accept Chinese investments for concern of repercussions, said Shaun Rein, Manager of market intelligence firm China Marketing research Group.

“Chinese investors are very progressing to become terribly cautious of investing in India. They’ll be troubled that they may invest billions of bucks into the country and either Indian shoppers can boycott and protest against them, or the govt can simply ban them as a result of they’re backed by Chinese,” Rein said.

The Associated Press contributed to the present report.


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