By nature, Shivratri happens before the new phase of Moon Day (Amavasya). Amavasya being the beginning of the Moon cycle, Shivratri, is a day in which one can get the best chance to receive energy for starting something new.

Mahashivratri is not a one-day celebration of the Supreme power shiva. It’s a realization that nothing exists in absence of Shiv and nothing will exist without The Supreme God Shiv.
Here Shiv doesn’t belong to any specific religion; it’s the supreme power (nameless and formless) who is the cause of this whole universe. Spiritually speaking, Mahashivratri isn’t a Hindu festival; it’s a day to elevate one’s own consciousness to encounter divine presence among oneself to easily attain personal and monetary success within the external world by receiving the spiritual aura among oneself.

One must have the eye to see that Shiv isn’t a god with a physical embodiment. Shiv is the supreme power, the ultimate source of energy that has created everything among the universe; nothing exists lacking the presence of this power and therefore it’s known as ‘Sarvam Sivamayam’.

The power that keeps us alive is called “Shiv”. He is the source of everything. Siddhars have termed it as ‘Jeevan Sivananan’. Humans have envisaged and created several forms to represent & respect Shiv, the supreme being, however, Shiv is the universal force and cosmic power that is ineffable and unfathomable.

Shivratri is known as Shivratri with a purpose, it will never be a Shiv-Jayanthi or Shiv-Navami for a profound reason. Jayanthi or Navami desires a Materialistic kind to look in this physical world, implying an existence and genesis.

However, this power Shiv is (Anadi and Anant) meaning has no start, neither origin nor end. At the same time, it’s perpetual and never loses divine power. This energy lies inside everyone and also it’s with everyone at every time. It’s a great opportunity for the entire Humanity to experience oneness with the divine in Shivratri.

Maha Shivratri 2022- The Reálisation Of Oneness !

How do you expertise this divine power in yourself during Shivratri?

There are several rituals concerned in numerous traditions of Hinduism and Shaivism; praying to a sculpture (Moorthy pooja) or to the Linga is also a denotative illustration for the energy. However, Mahashivratri is not on a special day where you pray to God, sing mantras, and spend sleepless nights in meditation.

It is not regarding avoiding sleep however it’s about uplifting one’s own awareness (with your own self-effort) regarding god that we are known as ‘witnessing mentality’. You’re looking at the presence of God among you with full awareness and consciousness that is known as Maha Shivadarshan.

Regardless of the fire inside the wood, solely dry wood will produce fire; wet wood will never be able to make fire. Similarly, on Shivratri, once you raise the correct condition among the body, you’ll expertise indistinguishability with the powerful energy.

Always keep in mind that Mahashivratri is not like a wedding or a birthday that one will celebrate as per one’s alternative. It’s not regarding staying awake while not sleeping however staying awake with the realization of God. Here the God is not outside of you, it’s among you. This is what we call “Shaivism”.

In fact, the supreme truth is Shiv says “I am not telling you to come where I’m. Instead, do not go anyplace as a result of I am already among you as your own Life Energy”. This is the eternal and ultimate truth of ‘Saiva Siddhantham’, the knowledge regarding God and thus the foremost profound philosophy of Shaivism.

The fundamental demand to receive the energy from God on this most powerful day is ‘Inner Silence’. One might come through it through daily meditation, and on Shivratri, it can typically be achieved simply through awareness regarding God in a serene condition. The divine needs you to uplift yourself to divine consciousness through silence. For this reason, silence is God’s sole language to talk with humans.

Shiv Chalisa In Hindi And English

On Shivratri, anybody can feel the philosophy of Sarvam Sivamayam by taking the difficulty to remain throughout a state of the mountain with awareness regarding God. And Shiv will assure you with divine expertise and all the energy to bring the positive modification you’d like in life. One should take effort to expertise oneness to measure a peaceful life, success, and happiness !!

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