Renunciation and Enjoyment !

The multiplicity in the process of becoming can be fully enjoyed only through absolute renunciation of egoistic desires. Egoistic desires are only the “vital deformation of the divine Ananda.” Ananda is “the conscious principle of existence.” The goal of existence itself is the infinite delight, which could be realized only in liberation. Joy is the foundation of human life.
Along the line of growth and achieving maturity, we say ‘one has come of age.’ It simply means the person has grown to know and acknowledge his and other’s role and responsibility in the day to day life. Maturity implies parenting. Parenting can be physical and social. Parenting means nurturing and d

Renunciation And Enjoyment !

eveloping. We have emphasized too much the physical parenting. Social parenting is also important. It consists in developing a civic sense or an attitude of concern for social wellbeing. Every life must become a life that contributes to the welfare of others-humans, sub-humans and nature.

Loka samasto sukhino bhavantu (Let there be peace and joy in the whole world) is the upanishadic proclamation for the world.

An underdeveloped person cannot contribute duly, promptly and precisely for the welfare of all. Therefore, knowing one’s own talents and real requirements is necessary for giving and receiving mutually to help fulfilling each other. Consumption is a need in our earthly existence. Physical and psychological needs are to be met. Hence social stratification and institutions are needed. Depending on quality (culture, education and commitment), responsibilities and privileges are determined. Respect first one’s own commitment through service for others and then other’s commitment by rewarding or accomplishing their needs.

Be satisfied with what you are and have, and have no malice or greed concerning the richness of others.

Om Shanti 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Renunciation And Enjoyment ! 

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