As we all know, in the number system, the idea of ​​​​shunya zero originated in India.

This development of the decimal place system containing zero was of fundamental importance in the advancement of science in the western world. Obviously, these ideas have some connotations with the philosophical ideas of Shunya and Shunyata.

Next, we will elaborate on the concepts of Shunya and Shunyata. Philosophers give these deeper meanings, such as the wholeness of reality, but at first they consider the literal meaning to be zero, emptiness, emptiness, or vacuum.

Buddhist philosopher Nagarjuna pondered the meaning of the sky. In his opinion, everything in the universe is empty in the ultimate analysis. The entire universe has arrived in Nagarjuna from Shunyata!

We shall see that this meaning finds parallels in modern physics. Modern cosmologists believe that our known universe started as an extremely small patch of vacuum some 13.8 Billion years back. It did not have any material particles in it. We can call it Shunyata.

But it is not right to say that it means that something came up from nothing! Quantum vacuum is not true emptiness, nothing, or lack of everything! It has a very complex structure including quantum field theory of fluctuating fields.

The real material world emerged from the quantum fluctuations of this vacuum. There were no particles initially and because of absence of  light it must have been dark.

Shunya, Shunyata, Cosmology, Quantum Physics &Amp; Brahman

Now let us compare this modern cosmology picture with the astonishing description of origin of universe from Vayupuran, a Hindu scripture:

“In the beginning, there was nothing in the universe. The Brahman had neither color nor smell. It cannot be felt or touched. It has no origin, no beginning, and no end. The Brahman was immutable and the origin of everything destined to be in the universe and the universe was shrouded in darkness.”

This is very impressive! They realized that it had to be dark because visible light had not yet been created! Nasadiya Sukta, another Hindu cosmological verse also says that it was dark before the universe was created!

Shunya, Shunyata, Cosmology, Quantum Physics &Amp; Brahman

An excerpt from the Rig-Veda, one of the four original scriptures of India, known as the Vedas, says:

“The universe is brought about by the collapse of fullness in the transcendental field in which reside all the laws of nature responsible for the creation of the entire manifest universe. How is the transcendental level functioning?

It works to point to itself due to its unlimited nature. Not knowing that early pure state of consciousness, the ultimate reality, what can the laws of nature achieve for him? Knowing that, he remains established in life equality, unity and integrity.


Since the Brahmin was itself, it is clear that it interacted with itself, that is, self-introduction, and eventually appeared in all particles of the universe. Interestingly, according to modern cosmology, particle or quantum field theory called inflatons can be the origin of all of the universe.

Strictly speaking, the word ‘manifestation’ is used instead of ‘creation’ in Vedic cosmology in a strict sense. They allude that Brahman did not create the world but it manifested itself in a world that was somehow implied in Brahman.

It should be emphasized that physicists built up the model for universe arising from quantum vacuum after centuries of wrong concepts and models. It is an astonishing testimony to the ancient feathers that the scriptures had this idea without resorting to the empirical or mathematical methods used in modern times!

Shunya, Shunyata, Cosmology, Quantum Physics &Amp; Brahman

It is now clear that the physical world we see around us is not made of a solid, brick-like substance if you go to the sub-microscopic scale. Physicists have found that as you go deeper and deeper, there is emptiness and emptiness along the way. Materials are made of atoms which in turn are made of nuclei and electrons with lots of spaces in between.

For example, if the atom is the size of a soccer stadium, the nucleus will be the central soccer, and most of the electrons will be the spectator of the stadium with empty space in between.

This emptiness continues as we go deeper and deeper until we get to the fundamental particles with whimsical names like quarks and gluons etc. According to quantum physics, none of these are robust and have a robust structure.

Shunya, Shunyata, Cosmology, Quantum Physics &Amp; Brahman

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