Significance of Naraka Chaturdashi lies in the ancient stories of the Indian Histroy. Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated in the name of Mahakali. It is observed on the 14th day of the Ashwin month in the Indian calendar. It is commemorated in order to eradicate evil and sloth from people’s life. It is now commemorated in order to be rid of all sins and to escape going to Hell, thanks to an ancient legend.

Naraka Chaturdashi




According to the legend, an evil spirit called Narakasur had kept 16,000 young ladies prisoner. Ruler Krishna crushed him and safeguarded every one of them. The following day when he got back, his triumph over Narakasur was generally celebrated. Till today, the day is praised recollecting his triumph over the devil. It is likewise said that the young ladies who were safeguarded from the grip of Narakasur feared humiliation and being socially detested.

So they looked for help from Krishna. Krishna and his significant other then, at that point, concluded that Krishna will wed each of them 16,000 and the world will know them as his spouses. Like this, there are numerous other legendary stories related with the festival of Chhoti Diwali or Narak Chaturdasi . in other words, on this day Kali killed asura (Narakasura) and thus this day is distributed to adore Mahakali on which individuals needed to cancel lethargy and malicious which makes damnation in our life and focus light on life.

That’s why, Hindu call this day as Kali Chaudas. Individuals clean their homes and decorate their house intricately on this day. Some accept that Narak Chaturdashi is the day to clear out all the soil, trash and evil from that point houses. Some get ready uncommon face covers at home and apply them. Individuals additionally light up diyas in and around their home and praise the day.

On this day Hindus wake up earlier than expected. The men use perfumed oils before taking bath. Thereafter, clean garments are worn; certain individuals wear new ones. An enormous breakfast is appreciated with family members and companions. In the evening, firecrackers are lit in an air of upbeat fun and commotion. Extraordinary sweet dishes are filled in as a component of the noontime feast.

Significance of Narak Chaturdashi in Goa

In some parts of Goa, Narak Chaturdashi is commemorated by the creation and burning of paper effigies of Narakasura packed with dried grass and firecrackers as a symbol of the destruction of evil. People return home after burning the effigies to take perfumed oil baths and perform rituals.

To commemorate the triumph of good over evil, a bitter fruit known as kareet is crushed under the feet and lamps are lighted during the event. In India, festivities are incomplete without wonderful cuisine, and Narak Chaturdashi is no exception. After all of the rites, the day begins with a very extravagant breakfast that contains some intriguing recipes, as is customary.

Significance of Narak Chaturdashi in West Bengal

In the states of West Bengal, this festival is commonly known as Bhoot Chaturdashi. The curtain between the two worlds is thin, and it is thought that on the eve of this dark night, the souls of the deceased visit their loved ones on Earth. It is also believed that a family’s 14 forebears pay a visit to their living relatives, thus 14 Diyas are placed throughout the house to direct them home and to fight off evil spirits. Every dark single corner of the house is enlightened with light.

Significance of Abhayang Snan

Abhyang Snan is one of the most important parts of Narak Chaturdashi. People who do Abhyang Snan on this day are said to be able to avoid travelling to the underworld. On Narak Chaturdashi, Abhyang Snan is performed a day before or on the same day as Lakshmi Puja. While Chaturdashi Tithi is in effect, it is done during moonrise but before sunrise. Overall the festival is fulfilled with joy, love, happiness and worship.

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