In Hinduism, Pati or Atmans or souls must be clearly understood. “It has no shape and is all permeated, but unlike that of matter, it exists to be one with what it lives in for the time being. Its eternal intelligence and power is passa. Or because it is hidden by the bondage of Anabamara (egoism), it is called the path “(Siddhiyar, Sutra IV). But this concept of soul is always misunderstood. The soul has two important characteristics.

  1. The soul never becomes independent. It always exists in connection with the world and God.
  2. The soul assumes the nature of which it is associated.

Soul - A Sacred And Powerful Concept

God creating the soul is a form of appropriation in Hinduism. Although God rendered the body, he did not create the soul. God and soul belong to the same category because they are both intelligent beings (cit), have emotions (iccha), have intelligence (jnana) and will power (kriya sakti). But there is a difference.

First, while the soul is defiled, God forever remains pure and undefiled by the malas (impurities).

Second, the state, attributes, and abilities of God have not changed, but the soul has been shrouded in ignorance from the very beginning.

Third, God is all-knowing and absolutely everything, but the soul although it has the capacity to know can only do so with the help of God.


Hinduism allows the soul, with the right devotion, to become one with God and get rid of all impurities in the present world.

God Himself shows the way to get rid of all undesirable qualities. One must understand this concept and avoid being reborn. Otherwise, he will be born many times unable to swim the ocean of birth.

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