Diwali is a season of happiness, joy, and fun. People meet each other; take blessings from elders. That’s why it is known as a festival of lights and joy. People clean their houses and decorate them with decorative lightings, rangolis, and diyas; wear new clothes, exchange gifts, and burn crackers after the pooja. People have a craze of burning crackers to show off and hype about who will burn more crackers.


But is it necessary to burn crackers?

Can’t Diwali be celebrated without it?

Is it a ritual?

Can’t people think that it pollutes the environment, people’s health?

Can every family afford to buy crackers?

Many questions come into the majority of people’s minds.

A true incident on Diwali

Let me share a true story which happened in Delhi, there was a boy named Vishal, the only child and the only earner of Mrs. Khurana and his family. His father died in an accident and after that, her mother became very possessive about Vishal. On the occasion of Diwali, she and her whole family celebrated Diwali by worshipping Lord Laxmi and after that Vishal and his cousins went to burn crackers. Mrs. Khurana stopped him, as she recently heard many cases of bursting crackers in which people got injured accidentally, but Vishal in excitement ignored what Mrs. Khurana said and went with his cousins.

There, his cousins decided to prank Vishal. They thought that they will act like burning a cracker and will through the same towards Vishal, and he would get scared and start screaming and running. When Vishal was standing at a corner, they executed their plan, but in the meanwhile, one of the cousins was about to throw the cracker towards Vishal, but in a hurry, they didn’t even check whether the cracker is lit or not.

Vishal got scared and started to run away and in the meanwhile, other cousins started laughing at him as they planned worked in the same way they thought and suddenly the cracker bust near to Vishal and when cousins saw him, he was half burnt, they got scared, called their elders and they took him to hospital, the doctor reported that it’s a critical situation, there are very fewer chances of saving him and doctors immediately started their operation. After 3-4 hours, Mrs. Khurana was informed that Vishal dies.  Previously she lost her husband and now his child, just because of negligence. There was nothing that could be done to cousins and it was an accident.

Be safe with crackers

From the above story, we should take a lesson that celebrating Diwali doesn’t only mean to burst crackers but it’s all about happiness, joy, and fun that we have with family. We are risking our life and family for just fun and entertainment. Celebration is altogether of happiness. Just obey the elder’s words and be safe with crackers.

Or else plant a tree, it’s just remembered and celebrated all together.

Here, Vishal could have listened to his mother and stayed at home and enjoyed with his cousins even without bursting crackers. So keep in mind, BURSTING CRACKERS IS NOT ONLY DANGEROUS TO OUR HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, BUT ALSO AFFECTS FAMILY AND CLOSE ONES, SO BE ECO-FRIENDLY AND SAVE LIVES.

~Saniya Mishra

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