Hinduism identifies three types of man based on guna or character. The spiritual direction of the receiving nature conducts his life with foreknowledge power and knowledge.

Many of a person’s character differences stem from his destiny, circumstances, and his guidance. Perhaps if a person experiences the lower instincts of life through his sleepy habits and character, then his fate depends directly on where his beliefs lie, thus fostering Tamo/Tamas guna. This is only a relative evaluation.

Another, when his beliefs are attached to material pleasures and self-satisfaction, develops an inherent attachment nature that, from an egoistic point of view, sees the outcome as the most important thing. His mind and heart will naturally follow the way he chooses and is used to it. In this he places his faith and cultivates the Rajo/ Rajas guna.

Finally, a third kind of man who has unquestioning faith in God, and naturally in his hour of need, he will call on “God” and receive his assistance from that ‘Brahman’. This man’s Faith is in the Divine. This must be natural, spontaneous and genuine. This may be a preordained Satva/Sattva guna.


So, in these three examples, the confidence is still spontaneous, and the application seems to be different for each person. An unacceptable fact is that many of us believe our character patterns are doomed and nothing can change it.

Man fails to understand the three guna / Character identified act as guidance and the people should plan their lives and advocate good habits.

The 3 Guna - A Spiritual Guidance On Character

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