See the Supreme Self in all beings, and all beings in the self.


The Atma never undergoes modification; yet, it is faster than the mind! That is the mystery and the miracle. It appears to experience all states, but it has no growth, decline, or change. Though it is everywhere, it is not perceivable by the senses.

Supreme Self

It is because of its underlying existence and ever-present immanence that all growth, all activities, all changes take place. Cause and effect act and react on account of the basic stratum of the Atmic reality. Why, the very word “Lord (Isa)” carries this meaning.

The Atma is near and far, inside and outside, still and moving. He who knows this truth is worthy of the name “spiritually wise person (Janani)”.

The ignorant can never grasp the fact of Atmic immanence. Those who are conscious can see things and feel their presence. Those who have lost awareness will search for the lost jewels, even though they actually wear them at the moment.

Though one may know all things, one conceives the Atma as existing in some unapproachable, unreachable place on account of loss of consciousness. But the wise person, who is aware, sees the Atma in all beings and sees all beings as Atma.

The wise person sees all beings as the same and perceives no distinction or difference. So the wise person saves themself from duality.”

The Isavasya Upanishad makes this great truth clear to all. Wise people, who have tasted that vision, will not be agitated by the blows of fortune or the enticements of the senses. They see all beings as themselves, having their own innate identity; they are free from bondage, from dharma and lack of dharma (a-dharma), and from the needs and urges of the body.

They are “self-illuminating (swayam-prakasa)”. So, the individual body (jiva-rupa) is not their genuine form, no, not even the gross and the subtle bodies are their forms.

The pure mind is the spiritual wisdom (jnana); it is the consummation of detachment.

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