Virtue is dharma; vice is adharma (not dharma).

Both are products of the mind, strings that bind the heart. When people experience this higher truth, they become free from both and achieve the vision of reality. Just as the silk worm gets entangled and imprisoned in the cocoon that it spins around itself, so people spin cocoons of wishes around themselves and suffer.

Virtue And Vice

Deha, meaning the body, is derived from the root dhah, meaning burn. It implies that which has to be burned.

But, the wise man (jnani) has three bodies: the gross, subtle, and causal. Then what is burned? The fuels are the material world (adi-bhauthika), fate (adi-daivika), and the individual soul (adi-atmic), called the three penances or the cavity of the heart (hridaya-akasa).

They can burn and consume the three bodies more quickly and completely than fire. However informed one may be, if one identifies with the body, one must be pronounced foolish.
On the other hand, one who is fixed in the faith that one is being-awareness-bliss (satchidananda) will be transformed into divinity Itself.

Don’t identify the individual with the gross body of esh and bone or even with the subtle and causal. The Atma must be identified only with the Highest Atma (Paramatma). Only then can permanent bliss emerge. Joy and grief, good and bad belong to the realm of the mind, not to you.

You are not the doer or the enjoyer of the fruits of the deeds. You are ever-free.

The Atma is ever disentangled. It is “not-bound by worldly flux.” Its nature is purity, wholeness, joy, wisdom. Where ego is, bondage persists. Where there is no “I”, freedom holds sway. The “I” is the real shackle.

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