Build a habit of reading scriptures in your children

What will happen?
  • Broadening knowledge
  • Improving communication skills
  • Developing confidence and independence
  • Enabling achievement in other subjects
  • Inner strength
  • Brings peace of mind
  • Teaches valuable lessons to children as well as adults
  • Instills a strong value system in kids
  • Acts as a Management guide in every way
  • Guides us to stand up for what is right
  • Allows us to improve our literary skills

Reading opens doors to the universe, and beyond; the younger a reader is, the more doors it can open.

Through reading, we are able to learn an incredible amount and gain insight into so many different worlds, actions, and motivations. There are many benefits to developing reading skills from a young age.

Sanatan scriptures may be predominately information-based and contain a vast amount of words, however, the information they contain is invaluable to a child’s development. These books can teach young children important lessons about family, friendship, growing up, morals, and much more. They often share information about nature, animals, other cultures, and the world. Without realizing it, the young reader is broadening their knowledge by reading about the characters within their stories. They don’t need to read 1,000-page novels to learn something significant; a life lesson can be learned from any scripture, regardless of the word count.

As a child’s reading skills develop, they in turn grow in confidence and independence as they tackle unknown words on their own. Once they have a base knowledge of words, spelling, pronunciation, and grammar, they will feel more confident to learn new vocabulary alone using the knowledge they have previously acquired.

A young reader develops the tools to decipher unknown words and to associate meaning and correct pronunciation with them, as they will see patterns in the words they read in books. With these tools they will be able to do all this independently, only turning to their parent for help when they have exhausted their own tools.

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