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Jute is a soft, shiny, and long natural fiber. It is a type of cellulose, which is extracted from plants. It does not produce any toxic substances when mixed with air, soil, or water. The natural fiber can be spun into coarse, unrefined, and strong threads. Today, advanced processing techniques are used for producing a finer version of jute, known as burlap or Hessian. This natural fiber is widely used in the textile industry and fashion industries. It is used for making bags used for shopping purposes and storing coffee beans, cereals and sugar. The natural fiber is also used for making curtains, sacks, carpets, furniture coverings, twine, cloths, paper, and ropes.
What will happen?
  • Jute is a natural vegetable fiber, second only to cotton and so can be sewn into any desirable shape and size.
  • Jute plants cleanse the air: studies reveal that 1 hectare of raw jute plants can take in up to 25 tons of CO2 while releasing 11 tons of Oxygen during jute cultivation season, lasting a little more than 3 months.
  • Possessed of high biological efficiency, jute can be harvested in course of fewer than 6 months
  • Lesser environmental pollution as jute plants needs very little fertilizer, herbicides/ pesticides to grow and produce raw jute.
  • Jute is known for its high tensile strength, and low extensibility.
  • Jute fiber blends wonderfully with other types of fibers, both synthetic and natural while accepting cellulosic dyes that include natural, basic, sulfur, and pigment dyes, creating harmonious designs.
  • Jute cultivation is labor-intensive, which suits developing countries where unemployment is a big issue.

Jute threads, being very strong and durable, are a natural choice for making Ropes, Mats, Sacks, and Bags. As it is very cheap, Jute is used broadly, and to be precise, it is the second most widely used natural fiber, after Cotton.

Nowadays, when people are showing more concern towards the environment, the shopping bags made of jute are becoming more and more popular, and rightfully so. Jute can be harvested very quickly, can be manufactured into different products at a very low cost, and a single jute bag can replace almost 600 one-time usable plastic bags. So the utilization of Jute Bags can be profitable for both business owners and customers.

Jute Shopping Bags are very durable, so they can be used multiple times. They maintain their glaze for a long time. Jute bags are very cheap and come in all shapes and sizes you need. And most importantly, being made of natural fibers, jute bags are completely Biodegradable, they will be decomposed naturally after you’re done using them, so they possess no threat to the environment.

Also, Jute bags come with really creative and innovative designs, which makes them much cooler than plastic bags. Jute bags are trendy, durable and eco-friendly – so maybe it’s about time for you to go fashionably green and start using them.

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