Tell you children stories

What will happen?
  • Instills virtues in your little one.
  • Boosts their listening skills.
  • Fosters their imagination.
  • Increases their cultural understanding.
  • Enhances their communication skills.
  • Help sharpen memory.
  • Makes learning easier.
  • Improves social skills.

Children instinctively love books and stories as they are introduced to wonderful ideas, places, and creatures they haven’t before encountered.

Through stories, children are able to learn more about life, the world, and themselves. Aside from creating a bonding opportunity, there are so many benefits to reading with your child.

Telling stories allows children to experience different worlds, countries, and traditions. It can help develop an appreciation of their cultures. Storytelling has been proven to help develop a sense of empathy as children are encouraged to put themselves in the position of the story’s protagonist; to consider their actions and reactions and why they may have made them.

Reading to a child can increase their willingness to express themselves and communicate their thoughts and feelings. Ask them to talk to you about the plot and characters in the story; suggest how each of the characters might move the story forward and tell you why they think the character has behaved in a particular way. When storytelling, you should actively encourage children to ask questions and to talk about how they feel.

Reading is the perfect way to broaden your child’s vocabulary, as children pick up new words as they hear them. If they don’t understand a word, they will more than likely ask for an explanation, so always encourage this kind of questioning.

Through storytelling, children are encouraged to listen to others, whether it be the storyteller or others listening to the story. They learn to be more patient and to let others speak; they begin to understand that others may not interpret things in the same way they do.

Their focus and listening skills are developed as they concentrate on what the storyteller is saying, if they do not listen, they will miss out on part of the plot.

Storytelling provides children with a window to new worlds. It gives them the opportunity to learn new ideas and information; without realizing it, they are learning valuable life lessons through hearing an engaging, exciting story.

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