Try a sustainable cooking recipe

Transitioning to a sustainable food system that can deliver healthy diets for an estimated 10 billion people by 2050 is an unprecedented challenge. However, the Commission emphasizes that “data are both sufficient and strong enough to warrant immediate action, and delay will increase the likelihood of serious, even disastrous, consequences.”
What will happen?
  • Provides good and productive health
  • Helps environment
  • Reduce food wastage
  • Helps in greenhouse gasses
  • Decrease the risk of irreversible and potentially catastrophic shifts in the Earth system

What we eat and how it’s produced has consequences for the whole planet. If we want a world where people and nature thrive, we need to fix our food system. We can’t achieve this system change on our own, but adopting a healthy and sustainable diet could help us achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from our food supply chain.

Try a sustainable cooking recipe and share it with family and/or friends. You can find a lot of recipes online. Click here for great sustainable recipes –

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