Jagadish “Jaggi” Vasudev aka Sadguru, How cool is this that the yogi who was born in the baby boomer era, lived through generation x, shares the innovative principles with millennials, is chic as gen z, and working for the betterment of generation alpha’s future? That’s Sadhguru, an Indian yoga guru and proponent of spirituality. Sadhguru […]

Cultural and Heritage Pledge

Indian culture is one of the most ancient cultures in today’s world. Our ancient Indian culture has been able to survive for the last 5,000 or more years. What we were able to preserve for such a long time is being lost in the last couple of hundred years. Monuments are an integral part of […]

Practice your cultural tradition

Our cultures and traditions form our identities, explain beliefs and histories, and contribute to the vibrant varieties of human life. Especially with the recent discovery of the importance of epigenetics, and genetic memory, it is vital to understand and acknowledge “where we came from,” as the struggles, the sorrows, the migrations, and the joys of […]

Know your Kul Devi/Devta

Kuldevi/Kuldev is different from Isht Dev. Kuldevi/Kuldev is for entire Kul/Family. Isht Dev is for each individual. Everyone has their Isht Dev as per their Kundali. And everyone should worship their Isht Devta/Devi daily. Isht Devta literally translates to ‘the favored deity whom we worship, and is the higher power, to whom we connect spiritually. […]

Learn your local language

Maintaining your local language is critical to your identity and contributes to a positive self-concept. The Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA) reiterates that continuing to study your mother tongue after childhood helps you learn how to value your culture and heritage. For parents, keeping your local language alive at home teaches children to take pride […]

Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das

Since not everyone has the ability to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, many people look within for these things, and Gaur Gopal Das helps them do so. A straightforward answer, yet many people require help getting there. The spiritual teacher, Indian lifestyle coach, and motivational speaker Gaur Gopal Das advises anyone who feels empty […]

Volunteer in your Local Temple

Volunteering in your local Hindu Temple and Community Centre is highly rewarding it can really benefit your self-esteem, confidence, and wellbeing, while you make a valuable contribution to the quality of people’s life.  You gain valuable experience and it can also be a stepping stone into new careers.  No previous experience is required and training […]

Karan Acharya

Karan Acharya

Kiran Kumar aka Karan Acharya’s graphic art has been in the sight of many since 2015. His graphic arts are a manifestation of someone’s fantasy and pursuit. At his friend’s request, Karan Acharya drew a silhouette of Lord Hanuman with an expression of anger, in 2015 and later drew a portrait of Lord Shiva. His […]

Abhi & Niyu

Abhi and Niyu

Abhiandniyu? Rings the bell? Yes, the duo that feeds educational, constructive, and optimistic content on entertainment consuming platforms. Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha aka Abhi and Niyati Mavinakure aka Niyu a married couple after encountering numerous pessimism about India hit the roads to restore it with some optimism. They got recognition for their #100ReasonstoloveIndia through their YouTube channel, […]